Monday, June 24, 2013

Happy Hours & Beach Bums

Weekend recaps make me both happy and sad.
Happy because I love documenting how my time was spent with family and friends.
Sad because it's over.

Friday Night

A bunch of friends and family got together for Happy Hour at my favorite restaurant, Barrique, which was also where we had my Bridal Shower

My drink of choice: Absolut citron with seltzer and Dasani drops in Pineapple Coconut.


The only thing that was going to get me through my 2 hour workout was Pink Lemonade G-Fuel
I LOVE this stuff!
It gives you tons of energy with no jitters or crash. It's 100% all natural

It really fuels my workouts!

After the gym I helped out at my parents garage sale, I made $25 which was pretty sweet so I took some of the money and went to a new store that opened down the block called FIVE BELOW.
I scored two new gym shirts for $10!

Just had to cut the sleeves and collar off of them to make them into muscle tanks.

The rest of the night was spent enjoying a couple of strawberry wheat beers [a new favorite] on the porch with Eddie and the fam.

I was up early and in the gym for my usual arms, abs and kickboxing routine

Note to self, although my new shirt is awesome, it is not made for kickboxing./jumping around. Regardless I got in a great workout before spending my day on the beach!

Also: This post is making me look like I drank a lot this weekend, but I didn't.
3 cocktails Friday, 2 beers on Saturday and Sunday... More then usual but not a crazy amount in my opinion.

After the beach Eddie and I did a few home updates

I also put up some curtains my aunt gave me on Saturday but the pictures don't do them justice so I'll save it for another post ;)

Then we went over to my parents house for a BBQ and to finish our wedding invitations... I can't believe they're going out this week.

I made this delicious toasted coconut watermelon salad for dessert
The recipe is in the July/August issue of Food Network magazine which I just picked up Friday night and let me tell you... it has SO many amazing recipes, do yourself a favor and pick one up for yourself... you will not be disappointed.

And that is my weekend in a not so short recap!

How was your weekend?


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