Monday, May 6, 2013

Memories Were Made

This weekend was the first of many weekends ahead that was jam packed from start to finish.

Friday Night

I had to meet up with my mom, aunt and Lauren at the venue for my Bridal Shower to wrap up some final details. I cannot believe it is THIS Saturday already! I am so so so excited to see my sister, family and friends from all over and celebrate my upcoming wedding with all of them.

When I arrived to Barrique it was happy hour, so naturally I took advantage of the $3 absolut citron drinks to celebrate the weekend!

I think I got a little too excited about the weekend/happy hour/life and ending up drinking a lot more than I had originally planned. I paid for that big time Saturday morning at the gym. 


I worked out but I don't have any post workout proof pictures because like I mentioned above, I paid for Friday nights antics big time on Saturday.

I heard Old Navy was having a sale so I couldn't pass it up!

 I may be taking my colored skinny jeans obsession to a new level, thankfully only the cobalt blue pair came home with me. Oh, and the polka dot t-shirt as well.

Saturday afternoon we had my cousins [one of my bridesmaids] engagement party at her house, which was an absolute blast, despite the unseasonably cold weather.


Plus any party with an ice luge and karaoke is a guaranteed good time


Woke up, took arms & abs + kickboxing, again no PWO picture because I couldn't find my HRM strap [thankfully I found it this morning, it was tangled up with my TRX ] but it was a great class as always!

After the gym it was time to get ready for some Cinco De Mayo/ Bestie Birthday fun. I made sure to wear [almost] every mustache item I own + bring my mustache gear with me to the bar to properly celebrate.

After some cocktails/coronas we decided to break in Becky's new BBQ and for 3 non-grillers we did a fantastic job, if I do say so myself.

The boys even got to come hang out and play with Becky's boxer, Lecky... they lasted an hour before getting tired and cuddling up with momma.

It was quite the eventful weekend, lots of memories were made.


One more BIG thing.
Delta Labs is having a Mother's Day sale! For this week only everything is 50% off when you use coupon code MOM2013 *AND* with every purchase you will receive a free Pink Lemonade G-Fuel sample [aka my favorite pre-workout fuel]

Definitely take advantage of this one kids!


  1. So glad you found your strap. I looked at Polar watches when we were at REI looking for me some running shoes. The one that look similar to yours was $90. Would I think have to buy a strap as well?

    1. The strap comes with it! This is the exact link to mine:

  2. Glad you had a fun weekend! For whatever reason, I don't handle alcohol like I used to. And this is Wisconsin---so we're kind of known for that. Weird. I stick to wine and an occasional beer these days...


  3. I LOVE those royal blue jeans! So cute! :)