Friday, May 10, 2013

LOCK IT UP-Results

You guys my bridal shower is TOMORROW!! So  I wanted to share my OPERATION Lock It Up results with all of you today. 

I'll be daily vlogging all weekend but I doubt I'll have any time to sit in front of a laptop and actually blog about life this weekend.

Before we get into that, lets recap yesterdays workout.

Last night was Kickboxing, and it was toughhhhh. The room was packed and hot which I loathe when I am working out. Something about getting really, really hot while doing cardio just sends me into a mini panic attack.

Regardless I killed it and felt great afterwards.

This morning I took an updated side body shot.
The left is last Friday and the right is this morning

I can see some slimming down happened this week and that is really exciting!

Now lets look at a comparison from the beginning of OPERATION Lock It Up to now.

Left is from April 16 and the right is from Wednesday morning before kickboxing

I have to be completely honest with you guys.
I am shocked at the changes my body has made in just a little over 3 weeks.

I have lost 6 lbs and I am not sure how many inches because I suck and forgot to measure, as always.
But I can SEE the differences in the pictures and FEEL the differences in my workouts/body/clothes/energy.

That is ALL you need to succeed.
And motivation-determination-focus
But those are easy ;)

The best part about my new eating plan I came up with?
I am ALWAYS stuffing my face!

This is a peek at today's meals:

Top left: Breakfast burrito: Ezekiel tortilla, 1 egg, 1/2 cup egg whites with one slice of cheese and ketchup
Bottom left: My avocado salad [which I eat EVERYDAY now] 1/2 avocado [HEALTHY FATS!!] mixed with cherry tomatoes and red onions topped with a little red wine vinaigrette 
Middle: GNC Chocolate egg protein powder aka the ONLY protein powder for me
Top right: Blueberry CHO with Maple almond butter mixed in
Bottom right: Fruit salad
Also not pictured was my fresh, homemade green juice I made this morning consisting of the same fresh fruit you see above, pHresh greens, water and ice.
And my gallon of water, which I aim to drink every single day.
Not only does it curb hunger it prevents muscles from being sore and the obvious prevention of dehydration.

Tonight we are having burgers for dinner, for me that means burger no bun + tons of veggie toppings.
Every other night I have shakes for dinner except weekends, you have to live your life people!

So there you have it, OPERATION Lock It Up was a MAJOR success!!


  1. Good for you girl!!!! You are looking fab!! Congrats!

  2. good work- you look great!! have so much fun at your bridal shower tomorrow!!

  3. Great job!

    What's the difference between egg and soy protein powder? I bought the soy stuff.

  4. You look fantastic! Great work and congrats!

  5. You're rocking it! You look great!!

  6. You look awesome and it's totally evident your hard work is paying off! Enjoy your shower!

  7. You look beautiful! Have an amazing shower!

  8. You are engaged? Wow. I am super behind on reading your blog or I just missed it entirely.

    Hope you have a wonderful shower... which is probably going on RIGHT NOW. Hopefully, you aren't sweating.