Wednesday, April 24, 2013

When Cons Outweigh The Pros...

Before I get into the debacle that was my life last night lets start off with two fun, positive things shall we?
First off, this mornings workout was awesomesauce.

Another exciting thing?
These little personalized wine charms for my wedding party!

They are a little difficult to see here but I did a close up shot in this video if you want to look at all of their cuteness.
I ordered them from an Etsy shop called Tipsy Designs and they were not only helpful but quick. We came up with this design after a few emails back and forth, and the wine charms were at my door 2 days later.
I think they would be a great gift idea for any event so definitely keep their shop name in your back pocket. Tell them Just Keep Sweating sent you! [No I don't get anything for plugging them, I just loved working with them]
Okay fun stuff over.
Real talk time.
On Monday I mentioned we MAY have found the perfect place for us. If you watch my daily vlogs then you're well aware of the entire situation that has been going on the past few days.
I got a call yesterday afternoon saying we got the place and I was excited about !
So excited that I immediately took to Facebook to boast about it [it's a bad habit we all have, thanks social media]
After work I went home and started to pack up some odds and ends and also go through things we had from our previous apartment few years ago.
As the night went on I sat and spent more time thinking about the apartment and moving, and as excited as I am for us to have our first place as newlyweds and start our lives as a married couple, it just wasn't feeling "right."
I started discussing my worry with my mom and we weighed the pros and cons:
Takes the boys
Close to our jobs/current home/family
2 Bedrooms
No Dishwasher
No Washer/Dryer
No Yard for the boys
No control of cable box package
In the end the cons really outweighed the pros and since we are not in a rush [have to be out July 1] We decided it was best to wait.
Fingers crossed the next one is the right one.
Anyways enough nonsense talk, time to enjoy some fruit in a mason jar!


  1. Good for you! You can't ignore your instincts and some of those con factors are pretty important. I hate to say it but you'll know your place when you see it. I rolled my eyes every time someone told me that but when I walked into the apartment I ended up buying I knew. Literally without going up the stairs to see the rooms...I was home.

  2. Agreed with Patty. It took me 6 months. And I saw place after place and there was one place I LOVED but there was no real area to sit to dine and it was awkward. And then there was another place that I went on contract with and then the home inspection was a disaster and we were told it was like a roach motel death trap - you go in, but you won't come back out alive. JUST when I was losing hope, I switched realtors and on the first day I went out with the new one, I walked into (what's now my current home) the place and *knew* it. And so did my hubby. So don't get discouraged at all. Keep your priorities (things like washer/dryers, a space for your furbabies, etc. are non-negotiables - like me needing a dining room). You will find it and you will know once you do. Promise. PS-you're a rockstarrrr with your workout. :) Looking great!

  3. This just happened to me last month. My boyfriend and I have been looking since September for just an apartment and I thought it was the perfect one, however our neighbor upstairs ended up being a drug addict. Luckily, I was able to back out of the lease and be reimbursed for everything. I really think it's best to be picky in these situations!

  4. You know it will be THE place when the moment you step into THE place will feel like HOME :)

  5. Definitely a good decision to trust your instincts! I can't imagine not having a washer/dryer.

  6. I agree with Kierston - When you find the RIGHT place - you'll know it - and you'll do whatever it takes to make it work!

    I must have a washer/dryer. Cannot do the laundry mat - did that for a bit in Cali and it was the worse 3 months of my life style wise. haha

  7. You cook too much to not have a dishwasher -- let alone no washer and dryer! Think of all the sweaty gym clothes. :) Definitely the right call. Good for you for trusting your gut.

  8. Ya I agree that the cons outweigh the pros. But don't worry, you will find the perfect place and you will know it when you see it!

  9. I'm new... are the boys dogs? And if so what kind? :)