Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Meal Prep 101: Seasonings

A few months ago I started a Meal Prep 101 series and wrote about how I make work-week lunches. There was such an overwhelming response that I wanted to continue adding posts into the series and today we are going to discuss seasonings!

 I think the biggest issue people have with eating healthy is they think the food tastes boring and it does...if you don't season it correctly.

I am a huge fan of McCormick's Perfect Pinch line.
I'm not kidding...check out my stash:

 Most of these were purchased by me but two of them were gifted to me by McCormick when I went to visit their kitchens last September.

From left to right we have: Southwest, Cajun, Mediterranean Herb, Savory[favorite all spice] Garlic & Herb, Rotisserie Chicken and Fiesta Lime. I just finished my Italian Herbs & Spices, so I have to pick more of that up asap.

Most of these are salt free, but some are not. The ones that are not SF get used less often because I really like to stay away from salt in my cooking as much as possible.

I add these seasonings to my chicken, eggs, brussels--pretty much everything I cook. I like to combine a few of them together to make it my own seasoning blend and I am never disappointed with the results!

Another favorite of mine is Mrs. Dash.
These were my "go to" before discovering the perfect pinch seasonings, and they also come in a variety of flavors. As you can see they get a lot of use and it's almost time to buy more!
The entire Mrs Dash line is SALT FREE as well so it is perfect for healthy cooking.

The last two are plain old garlic and onion powder. I use this duo in every thing I cook. Even if the seasoning itself has garlic/onion in it, I add these to it. I LOVE GARLIC, which is why I have the Costco size haha.

I truly believe that seasoning is a key ingredient to losing weight, eating healthy and staying on track. If your food tastes great you're going to eat it.
If you make it bland, and boring...you will be miserable and go right back to eating unhealthy/processed/fried foods.

I promise you.

Go out and stock up on healthy, salt-free seasonings.
Your mouth, stomach and body will thank you!

What Meal Prep 101 would you like me to share next? Let me know in the comments below!


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