Friday, March 22, 2013

On The Mend...

It has been a ROUGH few weeks for me health wise. I spent a week and a half dealing with an infected tooth and on medicine to clear it up which was one of the roughest antibiotics I have ever taken. Then as soon as I finished the medicine on Sunday I woke up sick this past Monday. I waited until yesterday [Thursday] to see the doctor thinking I could fight through it but ended up losing that battle and finding out I have a sinus infection + bronchitis.

The dream... I'm living it.

However things could always be worse, and today I am already feeling more like myself.

Yesterday looked a lot like this...

I did go to kickboxing, obviously the smartest idea for someone who is sick and having trouble breathing normally, but I survived.
Then I had this....

It's not a daily or even weekly occurrence that I indulge like this, plus yogurt has probiotics so it's good for me, right?
However, today marks *49* days until my bridal shower so it is time to lock it up and step up my workouts once I am feeling 100% healthy again!

Today I woke up feeling much better thanks to my roids [no rage here] and made myself a swoonworthy breakfast.

1/2 of a toast Ezikiel english muffin with one over easy egg, 1/2 slice of american cheese and lots of roasted garlic salsa.

Perfect start to my Friday.

I have a semi-busy weekend planned: sweat-shopping-work [second job, I'll explain Monday] and meal prep.
Can't wait.


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