Thursday, January 31, 2013

Can't Sleep? Workout Instead.

Thank you for all of your well wishes and congratulations on yesterdays post, I am truly blessed to have all of you in my life!!

This week my body and I are having some issues with one another.
Monday morning it woke me up at 3:45 am. I tossed and turned until I couldn't take it anymore and got out of bed at 5 to workout with Fitness Glo.

Tuesday I was up by 5:30 am.
Wednesday I couldn't wake up to save my life which resulted in me missing 5 am boot camp.
This morning I was up at 4:30 am for no reason yet again.


I swear I have the worst sleep patterns out of anyone I know and lucky for me I am one of those "once I am up, I'm up" people so there is no hope for passing back out at these horrendous times.
Without fail I am passed out before 9:30 every night, last night I was falling asleep on the phone with Eddie...just ask him he'll tell you.
I am at a loss of what to do. I have just over a week to get myself on a new sleep schedule because I don't have to leave my house until after 9 am when I start my new job, which is 2 hours later then I leave now.

Anywayyyyy back to this morning.
I laid in bed cuddled up to the pups but decided by 5 am I might as well make the best of this obnoxious wake up time and workout.

I considered going to the gym but it was thunder storming and I knew the dogs would go upstairs and wake my parents with their storm anxiety so I figured I'd do an at home sweat session with Tone It Up.

I tackled the "love your arms" routine 3x then followed it up with 2 rounds of the love your legs.
I must say having an Apple TV is the greatest thing in the world, YouTube workouts right in my bedroom WHAT WHAT!

I felt better about my sleep schedule once the workout was over.

These two have no issues going back to sleep no matter what the situation is.

I'll be heading to el gym-o this evening for my favorite class of the week.
Can anyone guess what it is?

If you said Kickboxing YOU'RE RIGHT!
You go Glen Coco!

PS I am loving the new app VINE[more on that tomorrow in Friday Favorites] but I shot this little video this am while waiting for my train, which was delayed due to severe weather.


  1. Your a mustache addict and a night owl!! Definitely separated at birth :)

    I'm still thinking about jumping on the vine train! But I'm enjoying seeing all videos people make :)

  2. I can't wait for tomorrow as this Vine trend is making me interested!

  3. I really wish we had a kickboxing class nearby! Would love to take one!


  4. Vine is seriously THE coolest. I'm absolutely obsessed with that app! We had crazy wind like that in Houston yesterday. No rain, though. It was a really weird weather day!