Thursday, January 3, 2013

A Beautiful Grilled Cheese

Soooooo that yoga class I was looking forward to last night...didn't happen.

When 5 pm rolled around and my legs were still stiff as a board I decided to just head home.
I was under the impression my mom was making my favorite escarole dish until I got a text from her saying that her and dad went out to eat instead, forgetting all about me.
Just kidding.

But I was forced to use my brain a little and make something for dinner, I've been really slacking on the food shopping front since I have had 3 day work weeks and parties on the weekends I haven't needed to buy food/prep.

When I opened the fridge I remembered we had an abundance of delicious flavored cheeses and a few left over slices of cooked bacon.
A beautiful grilled cheese was born.

One side has caramelized onion cheddar and the other has champagne cheddar.
Can you say heavenly?

I enjoyed my dinner on the couch with a few episodes of Homeland [finishing season 2 today]
It was a nice end to my first day back to work.

Tonight is kickboxing + moms escarole.


  1. That is a beautiful Grilled Cheese indeed ;)

  2. oh. my. yum. Grilled Cheese is eaten by me about 10 out of every 12 meals I eat....

  3. Grilled cheese might be my favorite food group. Yes, t's a group. Anything with that many options MUST be considered a food group ;)

  4. Love all the different variations of grilled cheese you can make. So good!

  5. Those onions are hilarious! I haven't had a grilled cheese in FOREVER, but am now inspired! It sounds sooooo good right now!

  6. Oh my god... grilled cheese with champagne cheddar sounds like the most amazing thing ever!