Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Best Saturday

Before I talk about yesterdays events I need to show you what I am eating while I type this post:

A 2 egg omelette filled with fresh prosciutto, caramelized cheddar cheese and scallions.
Perfect Sunday morning breakfast, I'd love to recreate this for Eddie...with bacon of course ;)


Right after publishing yesterdays post I met up with 3 of my bridesmaids, and their moms. Dress shopping, as expected was easy and they all picked the most beautiful dresses. My sister said it best 
"Each of their dresses looks like them" which is exactly what I wanted when I decided every girl will pick their own style and just have the same color.

We were all starving by the time we left the bridal shop--Trying on dresses is hard work! So Becky suggested we have lunch at a new wine and panini restaurant that opened right in town.

Don't I have the most beautiful friends?

We all ordered a round of drinks--pinot grigio for mom and I, mimosas for everyone else.
For lunch I ordered the artisanal panini which was one of the specials.
It had fresh pears, salted onions and brie cheese served with an arugula salad on the side.

Best friends-our moms-wine-paninis 
Those are key ingredients to having a great day.

After lunch mom and I popped into one of the local boutiques called Ohh La La!
Something funny happened there....
I tried on a shirt and came out to show how it was a little tight in the boob area when the entire staff proceeded to tell me I had it on backwards.
Too much wine before 2 pm will do that to a girl 

I ended up buying this tiffany blue bow necklace that I think would be cute with a plain white shirt and jeans.

After Ohh La La! mom and I popped into the cheese shop because she was having company.
Of course I had to sample from prosciutto and provolone while she made her choices.
It was gooooood.

 We came home and I set up the spread for the guests.
All of it was so delicious, I was upset I couldn't stay but I had my own party to get ready for!

For a rainy, cold Saturday night it was a little difficult for me to get myself motivated but once I sat down and did my makeup I was ready to rock n' roll.

Lauren picked me up and we hit the open bar party where we had a blast.
Drinking and laughing with your bestie...perfect end to an already perfect day!

Now I am headed back to where I was last night for my usual Sunday Football Funday with those two girls pictured above.

I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend so far...2013 is right around the corner!


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