Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sometimes We Don't Reach Our Goals

Last night I made a last minute decision to tackle a 12k BEFORE yoga.
Here is a little breakdown of how my nights go when I take a gym class.

4:40 pm Change into gym clothes- normally its just a sports bra or two depending on the class and a tank/sneakers.. I've been wearing my gym capris as leggings to work, the only thing I appreciate about the cold temperatures is pulling this off.

4:50pm Fill my water bottle and blender bottle which is filled with FitMixer to power me through my workout.

4:55pm- Sprint to my train

5:09pm- Finally pull out of Penn Station[if it's a good day] and "wash my face"

Yes, people at work think I am weird because I change into gym clothes and people on the train think I am weird because I wash my face in my seat.
I think I am dedicated.
You decide.

6:13pm- Sprint from the train station to the gym [depending on the class/workout] It's a nice three block run, and depending on how heavy my bags are its a weight training session as well.
On Thursdays I get in at 6, the exact same time Kickboxing starts so you can imagine how fast I am running then.

Last night my train got in at 6:20. 
I know what you're thinking, 7 minutes isn't that big of a difference.
But to me it is HUGE.

My plan for 7.45 miles before my 7 pm yoga class was slowly being ruined.
I ran right to the ellipticals.
Out of the three options, an older man decided to take the one RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE.
Dude you couldn't just pick the left or the right? 

I didn't want to be next to him [DIVAAAAAAA] so I jumped on some other contraption.
It was weird, I don't even know the name of it and I couldn't snap a picture because I was short on time.
I did a mile before calling it quits and running to some other cardio contraption I had never used.
...Note to self, after 3 years in your gym it's time to take a tour and see what it has outside of the fitness classrooms...

The second machine was odd but similar enough to an elliptical so I got to work. 
I sprinted three miles in 12 minutes on it before I had to grab my mat and hit the floor for some posing.
I'm talking about Yoga, people....what did you think I meant?!

By the time I got out of the class it was 8:30 and I was relaxed, there was no way I was getting on another cardio contraption to complete the 12k, it would have meant 3 more miles and losing my meditated state.

So I failed to complete a 12k on 12-12-12, but I still got 4 miles and a great Yoga class in which meant 2 hours of sweat after a long day of commuting/working.

Sometimes we don't reach the goals we set for ourselves, but we need to remember everything else we did in the process.

You can always try again.


  1. I barely got out of bed. to me, you are a rockstar.

    1. You're sick your little booty BETTER stay in bed! Feel better asap okay?

      PS send me some chocolate candy cane waffles when you get a chance, many thanks

  2. You are still a rockstar!! I was sick so I had a date with a cup of candycane tea and my couch.

  3. I say you are dedicated, definitely. :D
    Great job!!
    Love your blog :)

  4. All that jumping around got me exhausted. That sounded harder than the 12k you were aiming for.

    On the floor posing, huh. Dang.

  5. dedicated for sure! good for you, girlie! i love how youre a fitmixer fan too! its my fave!! spa <3