Thursday, December 6, 2012

I've Been Missing Out...

One day away from the weekend and I couldn't be happier.
Sorry for my lack of checking in yesterday I was at a company off site meeting all day [aka spent most of my day on trains or in cabs] then I took my very first yoga class last night.

Well, that isn't 100% true. It was technically my second.
My first yoga class was when I was 16 or 17 with my mom, however instead of participating I spent most of my time laughing.

Acting inappropriate in a meditation/relaxation class for the win.

So last night at 7 pm, me-my gym bun and yoga mat showed up to Eclectic Mix, which I thought was an hour and half hot yoga class.
It wasn't but I was more then okay with that...My anxiety acts up in overly heated rooms so I'm not sure how I will do when and if I decide to take HY in the future.

This class was small, only 6 people total and the teacher was very laid in she makes jokes about/during the positions.

 Yogis would this bother you?
I'm assuming yes but you know what they say about assuming...

Anyway, most of the class focused on stretching/strengthening our hips. It's as if the teacher knew I did 100 box jumps the day before and walked 3 miles in heels earlier that day.

I was comfortable but uncomfortable, if that makes sense.

The moves..they just hurt so good.

I was unaware of how much strength some of the positions required, and  I also forgot that I am capable of doing a back bend.


At the end of the class the lights were turned off, lavender was sprayed and my body did something it rarely does.

It was only one class but I am a Yoga lover and cannot wait to go again.
 I am currently on the hunt for a pink and white polka dot mat, don't act like you're surprised.
If anyone can find one please let me know!

I've decided that they need to teach Crossfit and Yoga lingo as a foreign language in school.
Raise your hand if you agree.


  1. I so badly want to try yoga yet I am sooo scared. I am not an overly flexible/graceful person at all LOL!

  2. My hand is SO FAR up in the air right now. It's like they just speak at you and expect you to know exactly what to do. And I know not all classes are like that, but I haven't found my special one yet!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

  3. I'm all about getting back into yoga now. I really need to increase my flexibility. Thanks for the healthy reminder to work it back into my routine.

    1. I think for runners [or kickboxers] yoga is so important because of the flexibility-focus-strength-stretching ...i swear I was able to kick/punch 3x as hard and jump 2x as high last night in class because of yoga

  4. I really need to inscrease my flexibility as said above -- I need to find a place that I can join to go to our see if I can talk my box into bringing it back :)