Thursday, December 20, 2012

Hung for the Holidays+ Link Up!

I cannot believe it is already Thursday and CHRISTMAS is in 5 days!

The time is going so fast right now I can't keep up, I haven't even finished Christmas shopping eeeek
My life [like everyone is around the holidays] is insane.
I have been working 8-9 hour days, without lunch breaks this past week, on top of commuting for an hour and a half to and from.
Then running to the gym directly from the train, except for Tuesday when I went before work.

But I love it ;]

Before I hop into my Hung for the Holidays post I wanted to share a huge announcement.
Tuesday night my little sister got engaged!!
I am so excited for her and her fiance, he is the best man [in addition Eddie, my dad and poppa] a girl could ask for!

Congrats Aly and Alex, I love you both!

I would like to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has participated in the first Hung for the Holidays ornament swap, because of you it was a success and we will be doing it again next year!

Last week I received the most adorable and thoughtful ornament from Lori of Get Fit Naturally.

A pink, glittery, personalized nail polish bottle.
Everything about this ornament screams me.
THANK YOU Lori! I love it so much

A few days later my good friend Brian aka Pavement Runner asked if he could send me an ornament as well.
Seriously? Sweetest guy ever!

I wasn't sure what he would send, although he is very aware of my pink love affair so I knew that would be involved somehow but I was not expecting this:
A hot pink, glittery heel!
Are you kidding me?
Too bad I can't wear it 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Were you part of our ornament swap?
Link your posts here:


  1. Cute ornaments! Thanks for hosting.

  2. Had so much fun doing this! I will definitely be participating next year!

  3. OMG I LOVE the ornament from Brian! I need to find out where he got that!

  4. What adorable ornaments! This was such a fun idea, I loved mine, thanks for hosting!

  5. This was so fun! I've been crazy busy but I'll write my blog post with photos this weekend!

  6. aw congrats to your sis! what wonderful timing to get engaged!!

  7. I'm glad it came and I'm glad you like it. I saw it and IMMEDIATELY thought of you. I'm not sure if you rock heels, but it was pink and I get the impression that you like to dress up and look all fancy. Perfect!

    Happy Holidays. I'll share the love and link up when my ornament arrives. Thanks for hosting.

    1. I only wear heels on occasions I am not walking far, this may be hard to believe but I am far from graceful...I know GASP!

      Thanks again for everything, being you and being my friend you're one of a kind

  8. Congratulations to your sister! How exciting <3 Love the ornaments too!