Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites! Week of 12/3

We are officially in the last month of 2012, and for those of you who believe the hoopla...the last month of the WORLD.

As you can tell I am a non-hoopla believer ;)
What do I believe in you ask?

Sweat, Love and Friday Favorites.

Favorite Boozy Beverage: Holiday Sangria

 Pomegranates, cranberries, pears and red wine.
Say no more! Just pour me a glass...or three.

Favorite Sweat: Box Jumps

I did 100 of them Tuesday morning, and I am STILL sore 3 days later.
These little guys are going to be incorporated into my workouts more often, maybe I'll make a circuit?
Whatever you do DON'T FEAR THE BOX JUMP, it isn't as scary as you think. 
Start on something low and work your way up to higher platforms.

Favorite Nail Look: I am 100% in the Christmas spirit right now. 
These nails? MUST HAPPEN

I think this is one look I will be able to achieve after only 4 failed attempts.
Dare I do it?

Favorite Soup Recipe: I LOVE Jenn from Peas and Crayons.
I love her even more for posting this recipe.
What is in that mug you ask?
and I'll be going there sometime soon.

Favorite Jam: Although I don't mention it too often on here I am a die hard GLEEK.
I re-watch every episode at least twice, and am currently toying with the idea of re-watching every episode from the beginning.
Last week was the Thanksgiving episode and all of the seniors that graduated [outside of the divas Rachel and Kurt] came home.

They opened the episode with a mash up of Homeward Bound/Home and almost made me cry:
1. Because all of my favorites were singing it
2. Because I love both of these songs
3. I am a die hard GLEEK.
don't judge me.

Homeward Bound-Simon & Garfunkel
Home-Phillip Phillips

Favorite Workout Gear: Pro Compression Socks

I got my first pair this week in pink, but I am longing for the holiday version now. These socks serve a purpose, outside of just comfort.
They help increase blood flow to your legs during workouts or recovery.
A must have for any runner.

Favorite Quote: There seems to be a Christmas theme running through this post....

Elf is my second favorite Christmas movie, right after Home Alone.

Favorite Girly Girl Outfit: Ohhhhhhhh girl I need this in my life

I am not really into wearing leather on any area of my body so I would switch the skirt up for another bodycon style. But that top?
I NEED it.
New Years Eve I have a hot date at my favorite restaurant and this outfit would be perfect...I bet Express has something like it.

Favorite Hair Accessory: Hair Donut

I have been seen rockin the over sized bun several times the past 2 weeks both inside and outside of the gym.
For $2-3.50 you can have a perfect ballerina bun that doesn't move during your runs or if you're me kickboxing. Not having to fix your hair during a cardio class?

This is a must have tool for EVERY woman.

Sorry my inner Whitney just came through for a second.
Anywho, you can find these bad boys almost everywhere now a days AND if you're worrying about your hair being too short I promise if you have a ponytail you can rock the hair donut.

Put them in your Christmas stocking, you won't be sorry!

Favorite Some eCard:  If you're on any social media platform and you don't have children of your own/are a teacher I know you feel me on this one.

Although cute and creative, it's taking over all of my "feeds."

Happy Friday Everyone!!


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