Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Favorites! Week of 12/3

We are officially in the last month of 2012, and for those of you who believe the hoopla...the last month of the WORLD.

As you can tell I am a non-hoopla believer ;)
What do I believe in you ask?

Sweat, Love and Friday Favorites.

Favorite Boozy Beverage: Holiday Sangria

 Pomegranates, cranberries, pears and red wine.
Say no more! Just pour me a glass...or three.

Favorite Sweat: Box Jumps

I did 100 of them Tuesday morning, and I am STILL sore 3 days later.
These little guys are going to be incorporated into my workouts more often, maybe I'll make a circuit?
Whatever you do DON'T FEAR THE BOX JUMP, it isn't as scary as you think. 
Start on something low and work your way up to higher platforms.

Favorite Nail Look: I am 100% in the Christmas spirit right now. 
These nails? MUST HAPPEN

I think this is one look I will be able to achieve after only 4 failed attempts.
Dare I do it?

Favorite Soup Recipe: I LOVE Jenn from Peas and Crayons.
I love her even more for posting this recipe.
What is in that mug you ask?
and I'll be going there sometime soon.

Favorite Jam: Although I don't mention it too often on here I am a die hard GLEEK.
I re-watch every episode at least twice, and am currently toying with the idea of re-watching every episode from the beginning.
Last week was the Thanksgiving episode and all of the seniors that graduated [outside of the divas Rachel and Kurt] came home.

They opened the episode with a mash up of Homeward Bound/Home and almost made me cry:
1. Because all of my favorites were singing it
2. Because I love both of these songs
3. I am a die hard GLEEK.
don't judge me.

Homeward Bound-Simon & Garfunkel
Home-Phillip Phillips

Favorite Workout Gear: Pro Compression Socks

I got my first pair this week in pink, but I am longing for the holiday version now. These socks serve a purpose, outside of just comfort.
They help increase blood flow to your legs during workouts or recovery.
A must have for any runner.

Favorite Quote: There seems to be a Christmas theme running through this post....

Elf is my second favorite Christmas movie, right after Home Alone.

Favorite Girly Girl Outfit: Ohhhhhhhh girl I need this in my life

I am not really into wearing leather on any area of my body so I would switch the skirt up for another bodycon style. But that top?
I NEED it.
New Years Eve I have a hot date at my favorite restaurant and this outfit would be perfect...I bet Express has something like it.

Favorite Hair Accessory: Hair Donut

I have been seen rockin the over sized bun several times the past 2 weeks both inside and outside of the gym.
For $2-3.50 you can have a perfect ballerina bun that doesn't move during your runs or if you're me kickboxing. Not having to fix your hair during a cardio class?

This is a must have tool for EVERY woman.

Sorry my inner Whitney just came through for a second.
Anywho, you can find these bad boys almost everywhere now a days AND if you're worrying about your hair being too short I promise if you have a ponytail you can rock the hair donut.

Put them in your Christmas stocking, you won't be sorry!

Favorite Some eCard:  If you're on any social media platform and you don't have children of your own/are a teacher I know you feel me on this one.

Although cute and creative, it's taking over all of my "feeds."

Happy Friday Everyone!!


  1. Gah I just got my first pair of socks from PRO compression and totally want those holiday ones now! And love that sparkly shirt, omg. Happy Friday <3

    1. They're the best right?? and who DOESN'T love sparkles on anything?!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. I gosh I totally wait...NEED a hair donut!!! Where can I find one of these bad boys???

    1. Mine are from H&M but I think target or any drug store should have them...if not check amazon or just google hair donut!!

  3. Ah ha ha ha! You shouldn't eat donuts but you can certainly put them in your hair! ;)

  4. Everything I saw in this post, I was like...yes, yes, yes...all great favorites! Thank you for sharing!

  5. Replies
    1. i need to do them! I am so nail art challenged haha

  6. Great faves this wk, love!!! You are miraculous for those box jumps! Holy killer, batman!!! So impressed! And I looove the christmasey nails!! Rock it! Have a fab Friday! Spa <3

  7. Omg it's so bad but I laughed out loud at the Elf on the Shelf card. Seriously is every other picture on Instagram. Maybe I'm just mad because I don't have one. And I would love to try the nails, soup, and sangria! Way to go on this Favorites post!

  8. Omg YES! I need to attempt those nails! So Christmasy! I love them!

    Love your Friday posts! LOVE YOUUUU

  9. That drink looks super tasty! I want those Compression socks to bad but they are sold out! :(

  10. Elf is my favorite holiday movie! Dressing up as him for a holiday half Sunday! And the donut is a godsend! I use a sock though ;)

  11. Box jumps may be worse then burpees... at least I think so =)

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Im so so so curious now if the donut would work in my thin, errr, "FINE" :) hair??

  13. OMG they sell the hair donut?! I tried making one from a sock (saw it online) but it didn't work. I am so going to google where to get one.

    Oh and the creapy Elf on the Shelf has got to go! The thing is scary! LOL!

  14. I love your Friday favorites! Those nails are sooo cute. I really wish that I was better at doing my nails (or that every time I did them, the polish didn't get ruined in like one day).