Friday, December 21, 2012

Friday Favorites-Week of 12/17

If you are reading this post then you already know the good news:


I never believed it would but I know some people that really thought we would not be here today...those people should be writing books or making movies because their imaginations are probably filled with awesomeness.

In addition to the world NOT ending today we have another reason to celebrate, it's my little sisters birthday!
Yes, the same sister that also got engaged this week, she leads quite the exciting life I'd say ;)
Happy Birthday Aly!
My gift to you is this Friday Favorites list


It's my gift to the world.

Favorite Sweat: This workout may look familiar to all of you since I posted it on Tuesday, but I am still sore from this workout today.

Glutes, abs, chest and tris are all hurtin' this morning.
I'll have to repeat this circuit in a few weeks

Favorite Must Make Recipe: Baked Avocado Salsa

Is your mouth watering yet?
I cannot wait to make this next summer, I am thinking of doing it grill style.

Favorite Jam: Hallelujah. This song is an oldie but a goodie and with everything that happened last Friday in Newtown, CT it seems to be everywhere again.
 Both the Voice and X Factor had singers perform this song but no one does it like Jeff Buckley in my opinion.

Favorite Splurge: Longchamp bag

Large in black. It's only $150 and for what I have heard about these bags it seems under priced.
My birthday is March 6 so you have plenty of time to save ;)

 Favorite Future Home Idea: A river in my kitchen!?

 This is unlike anything I have ever seen before. I'm not sure how functional it would be, and it's a space stealer BUT imagine it filled with ice during a party?
It would be the talk of the room!

Favorite Manicure: This is my choice for obvious reasons

Baby pink and black french? Classy and current, just like me ;)

Favorite Snack Recipe: Homemade Sugar Cookie Butter from Eat,Live,Run

100% clean, gluten free and wait for it....
[okay, LEGEN....DARY as well]

Lauren and I already have plans to make this tomorrow, all we need is the cashews and banana chips

Favorite Quote: 

Favorite Wedding Idea: Pre-wedding cocktails

Our wedding is on a Sunday morning, so I think I'll pair these mini champagne bottles with baby OJs for mimosas for me and my 10 bridesmaids + Mom!

For the bridesmaids reading this, DON'T LET ME FORGET THIS IDEA.

Favorite Some Ecard: 
Looks like the malls will be even busier then usual this weekend, all of the last minute-crap the world didn't end-shoppers will be there!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Great post! Love the Ryan quote! I'd love to do hot yoga with him for sure lol. BTW my bday is March 6th too! Such a great day in history lol Have a great Christmas!

    1. Ryan Gossling can do anything he wants IMO... BIRTHDAY TWINS!! YAY!

  2. I LOVE that bag! And great idea for the nails -- I did crazy green and red for the holidays! Those mimosa ideas are super cute!!! Happy Birthday to your sis :)

    1. I really need a new sturdy bag, I feel like I LIVE on trains and haul my life around with me everywhere

  3. Um, holy eff - those baked avocados look super full of YES. Saving your workout for tomorrow - and groaning ahead of time about the double under's. Ughhhhhhh....... :)

    1. right? I need them in my life/mouth/belly asap! Please please please let me know how the workout goes for you!

  4. Good stuff this week as always. I need avocado now....

  5. Wait... the world didn't end? Lol jk :)
    I saved that workout and I love the mani! It's cute.

  6. Ok, so I am completely obsessed w longchamp bags! I've been using mine for three years now and it's still just like brand new! I looooove it! I also begged for a new one for Xmas this year just bc I want two. Lol! Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love ur faves!!! That avocado salsa looks mighty good!

  8. The Longchamp bag is SO worth it! I've had them since high school for school bags and they are some of the most durable and stuffable bags out there. They're also just plain cute! :D

  9. Since the world didnt end, Ryan better not stand you up...

  10. 1. I want that river kitchen sink!
    2. What a beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing
    3. I simply love this whole post

  11. I really an not good at yoga but I would never deny Ryan the opportunity so I'm in!

  12. Baked avocado salsa!? Totally trying this :-)