Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Favorites: Week of 12/10

Good golly miss Molly it's finally FRIDAY!
Even though I was home sick this past Monday I still felt like this week was lonnnng. Thankfully I have a low key weekend planned.

Tonight :I am going out to dinner with Lauren and Becky for our own little Christmas date in town, I am looking forward to some wine, good food and girl talk.

Tomorrow: Jump and Drill at 8 am aka therapy ;) and then I am heading to the mall with the rest of the world. I am finally getting my K fixed on my laptop keyboard AND getting the iPhone 5!! Oh and I am starting/finishing Christmas shopping for my family, should be quite the adventure.

Sunday: Kickboxing followed by Yoga, then food shopping/prepping and TACO NIGHT!
The Dexter season finale is on Sunday night so I am skipping my usual Sunday Funday at the bar because it usually results in me falling asleep before 9 pm.

So there you have it my "laid back" weekend plans.

And now it's time for FRIDAY FAVORITES!!

Favorite DIY Project: Do you save the corks from all of your wine bottles like I do, but have no idea why?

Now you can say you had a reason! All you need is a small picture frame and 4 wine corks and VOILA a coster.
Perfect stocking stuffer for the wino in your life ;]

Favorite Way To Sweat: Greatist posts a new GWOD {Greatist Workout of the Day} daily and it has become my go to for days I don't take a group fitness class. I took this one, made it pretty and gave it a proper name.

I did this short but not so sweet WOD before work Thursday morning and my arms are still feelin the burn!
I used a 10 lb dumbbells for all of the moves and plan to revisit this workout and increase my weights.

Favorite Makeup Look: Sparkles anyone?

This look would be absolutely beautiful for an upcoming holiday party, new years eve or birthday bash.  Glitter = Glam.

Favorite Jam: Oh Tay Tay you've done it again with your catchy lyrics

"I Knew You Were Trouble" is the perfect sing at the top of your lungs while dancing in your underwear song. It's fun and light, but also has meaning if you're going through a breakup--which Taylor always seems to be doing.
Either way I am loving this song right now!

Favorite Side: Kale Fried Rice--SAY WHAAAAAAAT!?

Kristin from Iowa Girl Eats {The same person that inspired this weekly favorites post} never ceases to make me drool when she posts a recipe. This kale fried rice is currently sitting in my recipe binder waiting to be made. The best part? All of these ingredients are something you probably have on hand, except maybe the kale...which if you don't, shame on you!
Just kidding, kind of.

Pin this recipe--you will be glad you did.

Favorite Throw Back: Talk about old school!

At 26 years young even this makes me feel old. 
Who remembers the bright blue and yellow VHS cover and renting movies from an actual store?
It's crazy how far technology has come that everything in the photo above is obsolete. 
At least the person who took this photo was renting a classic... Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!
I wonder if that is available on Blu-Ray or digital download..

Favorite Counter Decor: I'm sorry, what did I just write? Maybe it should have been Favorite Coffee Holder?

Either way this K cup holder is adorable and I would like it for myself. It would give my future home or apartment a coffee shop feel :)

Favorite Get In My Belly Cheat Snack: OH MY GOODNESS, OH MY GOODNESS

To be honest I just would make the filling part of this recipe because we all know that is the best part, who needs the crumbly, dry cookie part.
Gimme the cream!

Favorite Funny: This one is for Alison:

I love Grumpy Cat, he makes me laugh at least once a day...poor little miserable thing.

Favorite Girly Girl Outfit: Brunch anyone?
So simple yet so chic. I love the clutch and the colors in this outfit.
Must have in my wardrobe by spring.

Favorite Fitgear: Any fellow bride to be and sweat addict needs this.

If this tank came in pink I would buy it right now, but in the spirit of Christmas and the fact that I am broke I'll have to wait. It will look cuter this summer when it's crunch time anyway.

Favorite Some Ecard: iPhone users you know what this one is all about

Have a great weekend everyone!


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