Tuesday, December 18, 2012

135 Box Jumps before 6am

After taking a few days off from blogging I finally feel ready to get back into the groove of things. Sharing my daily life just seemed so unimportant and trivial since Friday's tragic events.
The lives that were lost on December 14, 2012 will never be forgotten.

This morning started off with quite the bang. 
My body decided it was ready to hit the gym at 4:20 this morning..I wish I was kidding, but I was bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Unfortunately the gym doesn't open until 5 so I was left puttering around until I could go get my sweat on.

PS: That tank is one of Eddie's old shirts, I made it using Blogilates tutorial...not bad for someone who can't cut in a straight line!

Tuesdays have become my designated "whatever I want to do" days and I have been using Pinterest/Tone It Up/Blogs for inspiration.
This morning I put both Lauren and I to the test with this workout I came up with:
[click to enlarge]
{repin on Pinterest!}

135 box jumps before 6 am AND that is 35 more then I did 2 weeks ago.
My goal is to increase my number and height of box jumps each week.
Sky's the limit.

The entire workout took us about 35 minutes start to finish, the only rest time we took was after the box jumps, they really are a killer.

Post workout it was time to get my meals in order and get ready for the work day.

Breakfast: 2 whole wheat eggo waffles with Justin's maple almond butter + 1/2 banana + chia seeds
Snack 1: Pomegranate Chobani[my current favorite] + granola
Lunch: Stuffed sweet potato with ground chicken +black olives+onion+shredded cheddar+salsa
Snack 2: Granny smith apple
Dinner- 100% unsure at the moment, fingers crossed for Panera!

I'll report back with what I had a little later, busy day here at the 9-5...wish me luck ;)


  1. (tweeted. you need to add yer handle to your twitter link! xo)

  2. Ah yeah I hate box jumps. They scare me cuz I always think I'll fall haha I think I even like Burmese better

  3. How high of a box do you use for a box jump? I know it's a silly question but they are kinda intimidating for me!

  4. Woweeee with that workout! Nice job of gettin' after it and the clean eats for the day. Keep up the awesome work!

  5. Love the diy shirt idea! Oh and great god choices for the day!! Yum!! I had me some justins for breakfast! Happy Tuesday!

  6. Holy cow! That's awesome and looks like a great workout.

  7. Dang, check you out girl! Continuing to knock out kick butt workouts =)

  8. You actually wanted to wake up that early? Wow, I'm impressed!