Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12 for 12-12-12

It's almost quittin' time here, which means it's almost SWEAT time!

I couldn't let today pass without talking about the date.
It's 12-12-12!
The last time this will happen THIS CENTURY.
Talk about cray cray.

Run with Jess posted a picture this morning about picking a 12 for a challenge so I wanted to make one of my own.

I can't run 12 miles or a 12k [yet] but I can do a 12k on the elliptical BEFORE hitting the yoga mat tonight.
Time crunch won't allow 12 miles, otherwise that is what I would be doing.


I wanted to extend this challenge to all of you!
12 for 12-12-12
Run, walk, bike, use the elliptical or climb 12 flights of stairs.
Move your body in SOME WAY to honor the day.

I'll recap my workouts tomorrow morning, have a great night Sweaties!


  1. I wanted to get up today to run 12 miles, but I slpet right through the alarm. Never one to miss an opportunity to play with numbers, I ran 12k during my lunch. I also created some cool graphics for the day:

  2. How about 12 minutes? I'm pretty sure I can do that!!!

  3. and the world didnt end so I have to GIT BACK TO PACKING :-)