Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time to refocus

Man oh man am I happy Thanksgiving is over.
Not that I don't enjoy spending time with family while simultaneously stuffing our faces with delicious foods but I am feeling less then stellar after the past 4 days off.

I have consumed more carbs then I would have ever thought possible and I feel like one big blob.
The holidays are the push I need to put me back on track with eating lean, clean and green.
Well that and the fact that I went[and bought] my wedding dress on Saturday!

I had a lot of nerves going into it mostly because I know wedding dresses run a size or two smaller then normal but I ended up wearing the same size as I do in jeans.
The only part of me I really wasn't happy with was my arms but I have 10 months...279 days to be exact to work on them, and that will be a big part of my focus.

This weeks lunches are inspired by my beloved chopped chicken cobb salad from Panera:
-Chicken Leftover turkey
-Feta cheese
-Red onion
-Italian dressing


I am going to try and refocus myself into the Tone It Up diet/lifestyle. When I eat better, I feel better and lately I've been lacking energy and motivation, so here's hoping this helps!

Now lets throw this back to you, how was your long weekend? 
Are you looking forward to lightening up your meals after overindulging?


  1. This has actually been one of the Thanksgivings where I haven't eaten that much! I was so disappointed tonight when I wanted to have a left over cinnamon roll for dessert and I dropped it on the floor. I guess those calories just don't get to go in my body. I kind of wish that I would have splurged al title more on dessert! :)

  2. You go Carlyn. I feel like a big blob as well and I really really have to work it out. Good luck on your wedding weight loss. You'll look amazing come your wedding day!!

  3. Congrats on your wedding dress! Can't wait to see pictures in less than a year! (Un)Luckily, I had to work this weekend so I didn't have time to indulge on leftovers!

  4. We didn't do a traditional meal, but we did have some pretty indulgent app-style snacks. For me, it was mostly post-race refueling! Having a January race to focus on will keep my cardio intense through the holidays with circuits and speed work, which should help with any additional cookies or brownies!

  5. 10 months? Ah, those months will fly by girl. How was dress shopping? Where you able to find the perfect one?

  6. Im just looking FORWARD.