Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites Week of 11/26

Woohoo we have made it through another week!
I am having a lot of trouble blogging right now because my K button is you know how difficult it is to type with a broken keyboard letter?
Looks like someone will be making a trip to to the Apple store this weekend, aka the danger zone.

After I hit publish on this post I am off to the gym then I am picking up my dad from the hospital :) and tonight is the start of VLOGmas which I am very excited about.

Enough rambling, lets get into the favorites...

Favorite Casserole Dish: I am just waiting for someone to host a brunch so I can bring this dish.

When I first came across  this recipe from Iowa Girl Eats it was all I could think about for days.
Eggs-2 cheeses-sausage and hash browns
in a crock pot
Gimme gimme

Favorite Sing At The Top of Your Lungs Song: Stars by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals
Haunting and beautiful.
I can't get enough of it.

Favorite Adult Beverage: New Years Eve is quickly approaching and this cocktail would be the perfect start to 2013.

To achieve: Place pink cotton candy in a glass and pour champange over it.
Pink & bubbly.
To make this kid friendly, pour sparkling water over the cotton candy.
Another idea? Garnish with rock candy!

Favorite Fashion Style: Leg warmers and boots. Need I say more?
This is a look I have been dying to wear for years now but due to big calves it has yet to happen.
I have a difficult time finding boots that fit right, let alone stuff a leg warmer in there.
Hopefully 1/2 marathon training will lean these babies out and next fall/winter I'll be able to wear this trend...just as it goes out of style.

Favorite DIY: Crafty people make me jealous and happy all at once. I often find myself saying "how the heck did they think of this?" Especially when I come across an awesome idea like this party hatband.

These would be the cutest addition to any NYE outfit or perfect for a birthday party. People of all ages can wear/enjoy this hat. Heck you can even have a party to make them!

Favorite Burn: Frosted Gingerbread candle from Slatkin & Co
I bought this candle on black Friday along with 3 others, however this is by far the BEST smelling candle in-the-world. If you're not a fan of anything gingerbread you will still love it, its THAT yummy. [It is actually burning right now as I profess my love for it]
The scent when it is not lit does not do this candle justice. Go to your nearest Bath & Bodyworks and pick one[or 6] up, and if for some insane reason you don't like them you can mail them here:
Just Keep Sweating
PO Box 5162
West Babylon, NY 11707

Favorite Must Have Sweat Gear: Chevron running pants from LuluLemon
At $88 dollars a pair these will unfortunately be staying on my wish list, but I just love these. At the moment I only own a bunch of tanks from Lulu and love them all, there is just something about spending a hefty amount of money on workout pants I cannot justify.
However if you are one of the recent Powerball winners and want to purchase these for your favorite sweaty blogger, the 12's will work for me and my address is above.

You guys are SO giving!

Favorite Wedding Cake: When Eddie and I first started discussing plans for our upcoming wedding we both knew that we did not want a traditional wedding cake.

I made cake pops as favors for everyone that attended our engagement party, they were a huge hit but also a lot of work. We have decided to have cake pops for our wedding cake and I LOVE this one.
I guess we will be having our cake and eating it too.

Favorite Seasonal Starbucks Drink: Gingerbread Latte

"I'll take a grande non-fat gingerbread latte please."
That's exactly how I order it from my barista, oh Starbucks you're so fancy.
There is nothing better then a GB latte on a cold day, seriously just the smell makes me smile.

Gingerbread > Pumpkin
I said it.
Now I am going to spend the rest of my morning looking up gingerbread recipes...there goes any real productivity for today.

By the way... this K button issue is making blogging 0 fun right now. Every sentence is taking twice as long.

Favorite Some eCard:

This is not 100% true but I do have to admit there is always talk about others in the gym.
My gym definitely has some characters: think lots of women with make up-perfect hair- lifting 2 lb weights trying to find their next husband.

Yeah, we have a lot of wealthy people in our gym, and ironically enough most of them don't work.

I am jealous of them, I would be able to take every group fitness class I wanted...

Speaking of which, it's time to hit the gym.
Happy Friday!

I will be announcing the Racing for Relief winners on Monday, just long enough to keep you on the edge of your seats this weekend.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giveaway winner!

Well this day completely got away from me...
My dad had surgery today and I spent a lot of my day worrying/stressing about him.
Thankfully all went well and he will be coming home tomorrow :)
And a huge thank you to all of you for your tweets all day long, it meant a lot to me and I will show them to dad tomorrow.

I am currently inhaling a bowl of Chocolate Covered Katie's Breakfast Cookie Dough Cereal.
Eating dinner after kickboxing is always a struggled but this is light enough + packed with protein so it makes for the perfect post workout dinner.

I promised I would pick a winner for the Angie's popcorn giveaway I announced yesterday, so lets get right to it!

being with family nonstop, hands down best part! 

Congratulations! You have a delicious variety pack coming your way.
Please email me as soon as possible with your contact information and we'll get those right out to you.

I am off tomorrow YIPPY! So I will be hitting the gym before picking up my dad from the hospital then I'll be filming a Bulubox video with an exciting announcement which includes some more free goodies for you!

There will be a lot of giveaways coming throughout December so stick around ok?
See you in the morning for Friday favorites

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Delicious Giveaway!!

A few days ago I came home to a HUGE box waiting for me on the counter.
I, like most people, love surprises.

When I opened the box angels started singing.
This is what was inside:

6 big bags of popcorn from my favorite popcorn company, Angie's.

I know I know, is this real life?

Until now  I had only had the "Holidrizzle" dark chocolate and sea salt popcorn and Boom Chicka Pop, which I have talked about over and over again.

I love that stuff.
35 calories a cup?
Doesn't get any better then that.

Or so I thought.

The first bag I tried was the "Sweetly White Cheddar"

Only 140 calories a serving AND it contains all natural, clean ingredients.

It tastes better then any other white cheddar popcorn I've ever had.

 As I mentioned earlier, last night I had some of the salted caramel flavor.
 It was delicious! Perfect mix of sweet and salty.

I have yet to try the sweet & spicy [saving that for Eddie] or the sweet & salty [on the menu tonight] but I am 100% head over heels in love with every popcorn Angie's makes.

Oh I'm sorry I almost forgot to mention the best part(s):
-All flavors are Gluten Free
-No high fructose corn syrup
-Non-GMO ingredients
-Whole grain
-Vegan [except Holidrizzle line]

Okay Okay so now that I've talked about how ridiculously amazing this stuff is, who wants their own box of popcorn goodness?

All you have to do is leave a comment below telling me your favorite thing about the Holiday season.
I'll pick and announce a winner tomorrow afternoon!

Bah Humbug

Goooooood Morning Sweaties!

It's hump day but for me it's technically Thursday.
  Last night I found out my dads surgery is tomorrow [Thursday] and my mom needs me to be at the hospital Friday to take him home/take care of him since she has to work.
Thankfully my boss is understanding and gave me the day off even though it's last minute.

Friday night Mom and I have a date in town, it's Old Christmas shopping night which neither one of us knows why it's called that. Nothing about this night is "old". Last year I thought it meant people dressed up in old fashioned clothing [don't ask me why] but that is not the case.
Either way we're going shopping with spiked hot chocolates in hand.
Pinnacle whipped vodka + hot chocolate = adult hot chocolate.
You're welcome.
Tuesday Night Eats

Last night I hit the food store after work as planned. Unfortunately I went there hungry so I made some unnecessary purchases which you will see in my snacks for today.

However one of my unplanned purchased worked out perfectly for dinner.

There are two things I cannot walk by in the food store without buying and that is brussel sprouts and kale. They just call to me and I always pick up.

So you can probably guess what I made for dinner:
If you guessed brussels, dippy eggs and nutritional yeast... you were right.
Also inluded: an unpictured drizzle of wing sauce.

I think I will make one of the VLOGmas videos about how I create this delicious masterpiece because I always get asked that question.

 Mom and I snacked on some of Angie's salted caramel popcorn last night while watching The Voice.
I don't know about you guys but I am thrilled that both Dez and Cody went home.
I'm rooting for Melanie, Trevin and Amanda...three way tie?!

Oh and the popcorn? It tastes like cracker jacks without the guilt.
AND it's gluten free
AND it's made from 100% all natural, clean ingredients
AND it's non-GMO.

Can you tell I love this company?

Someone forgot to turn her alarm on for 5 am bootcamp this morning.
It's okay though, I am changing the plan around since I am off on Friday now I will be able to take Bollywood Sweat.
No matter what 6 workouts WILL be happening this week.


I generally switch up my work meals every 2 days, otherwise I get bored and end up not eating what I brought.

Breakfast- 100 calorie whole wheat bagel. One side has Smart Balance peanut butter and the other has a wedge of Laughing Cow cream cheese, both have some chia seeds.
Snack 1- Chobani apple cinnamon yogurt and a banana.  [not pictured]
Lunch- Overstuffed Mexi-tato!! Sweet potato with black beans, shredded cheddar, avocado and a spoonful of French's Onions leftover from string bean casserole
Snack 2- Gingerbread Men cookies-- THIS was one of my unplanned+hungry purchases made last night, but this year I think my love of gingerbread is stronger then pumpkin.

Dinner plan-Mexican salad. I want to use up the rest of the black beans and avocado before I forget about them/they go bad.

The Rockefeller tree is being lit tonight! As excited as I am, it also bothers me a little. We can't hold off one more week until December? I hate how rushed the holidays have become, it takes some of the fun out of it.

Bah humbug.

Come back this afternoon for a yummy giveaway!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fitness Recovery Tips from my BFF Jill

It seems like a lot of you like this style of blogging so I am going to keep posting this way Monday-Thursday. Friday is my favorites post and some weekends I write, some I don't... it all depends on life.

PS-VLOGmas is starting this Saturday! 
26 days of me rambling on camera, I know you secretly can't wait ;)


My alarm scared me right out of a deep sleep this morning at 4:31 am.
Yes I set my alarms at strange times because I find I need to trick my brain/body so it doesn't wake up before the alarm goes off.
I've also noticed that my brain/body hates me.
On the days I don't have to wake up early it decides that its appropriate to wake up between 5-6 am and the days I DO have to wake up for the gym [like today] or work it likes to sleep in.

Does anyone else have this problem?

Anywho I walked into the gym at 5 am and hopped stumbled onto the treadmill for a wake up walk before class.
I was able to power walk a 1/2 mile before the legs & abs class started, not too shabby for 5 am, eh?

We spent the entire 45 minute class on the stability ball, one way or another.
I have a new found hatred for that thing.
It may be the plank variations or the weighted wall squats/lunges/calf raisers we did.
I can't decide but either way we are no longer friends.

On the train this morning I hung out with an old friend of mine, you may know her, Jillian Michaels.
I was listening to her most recent podcast [I LOVE the Jillian Michaels show] 
 "Denying anger that exists in your life."

As always I felt like she was speaking directly to and about me.
Somehow she just hits the nail on the head podcast after podcast no matter what she is speaking about.
I love that I learn something new each week and always take notes while listening.

My favorite part of this podcast was the fitness recovery tips. She gave an abundance of information so I thought I would recap my top 3 [in my own words] with you:
[click to enlarge]

Eddie bought me a foam roller last month and it has become a part of my daily routine. I can feel a difference in the days I roll and the days I don't. I think a big part of my torn meniscus was a lack of stretching/rolling, so if you don't have one I suggest picking one up!
If not a lot of gyms, mine included, have them on hand so spend a few extra minutes post workout to take care of your muscles.

Keeping you on the edge of your seat

Friday is the LAST day to sign up and donate to Racing for Relief. We are currently $180 from our goal of $1,000...Please continue to spread the word as much as possible these last few days.

Before I recap yesterdays workout and dinner I just want to let you in on a mini crisis I just had to deal with.
I was going about my business getting ready to upload photos to this post as I usually do then Google yelled at me. My Picasa is out of free storage.

My initial thought:: What's a Picasa?!  Then it was: How did I get a Picasa!?

Anyway apparently I've used the free 1GB of photo storage here on Blogger/Picasa/Google [who knows] and I have to pay $2.49 a month to continue to share pictures with all of you.

If anyone has any other ideas to help me avoid paying to upload I'm all ears!

 Workout and Dinner

As planned I hit the gym for some treadmill running and then a 20 minute ab class.
I ran a quick mile in my Nike Lunar eclipse 2's while jamming out to FitRadio's Top 40 channel. Originally the plan was 2 miles but I messed up my timing and was only able to squeeze in 1 1/2, whoops!

After the gym I was starving, it was 7 pm and my last snack was at 3:30. I filled my plate with Chicken[ as planned], leftover stuffing and the last slice of Panera asiago bread [carbs AND both not planned]

I guess I was taking awhile to eat because Max fell asleep under the Christmas tree instead of begging at my feet like his brother.

TV Snack was supposed to be a cup of Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride but due to an unexpected and awesome package it was accompanied by some  of Angie's white cheddar popcorn.
 ...this is the good stuff my friends...

All natural ingredients AND gluten free.
A giveaway will be happening tomorrow or Thursday, stay tuned.



The food plan for the day:
Breakfast- 2 Pumpkin spice Eggo waffles [my last of the season, those bad boys are high in cals!] with 1 Tbsp Smart Balance PB and 1 wedge of Laughing Cow cream cheese + scoop of ch-ch-ch-chia seeds
Snack 1- Banana 
Lunch- Chopped cobb salad [again] but this time no turkey and I added some shredded cheddar. White cheddar popcorn on the side for some added crunch factor.
Snack 2- Not in the picture but its the same as yesterday- Apple cinnamon Chobani with Kind granola.

Dinner [plan] Vegan pad thai from Wild by Nature. Not sure if I will have that because I am hoping to hit the food store for breakfast/lunches/snacks for the rest of this week since I realized I am 100% out of almost everything.

 I'll be back later with my workout recap for the day AND some fitness recovery tips I learned from Jillian Michal's newest podcast.
I know you'll be on the edge of your seat waiting for this one ;) more thing.... Do you like me blogging this way? Should I keep it or go back to the old posts?
Let me know!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Refocus: Day 1- Sweats & Eats

Last night I wrote a short and sweet post about refocusing my attention to eating and living lean+clean+green.

This morning I woke up and put that plan into action.

I hopped onto my gyms website for the first time in over a year to look at the class schedule.
I take the same classes on Thursdays-Saturdays and Sundays but I have usually stayed out of the gym on Mondays and Fridays because nothing seemed to interest me.

Group fitness classes are my go to for workouts. I find they push and motivate me more then I can do for myself, however as a commuter the classes I enjoy don't always work for my schedule.
In the past I have just used that as an excuse to skip a day or two, but not anymore!
It's time to pick a schedule and stick to it.


Here is what I came up with:

Try to remember this is my "ideal" workout plan for the week but things come up and plans change...all the time.

For Mondays the treadmill run is the the workout that is most subject to change. One week I may lift or use the elliptical, but  one thing will remain constant, I will be in the gym every Monday night which is something that never happens.
If I happen to be off on a Monday, I take a class called Elevated Training, which I usually regret for the rest of that week due to soreness.

I loathe spinning. 
I have tried to take several classes, several times and always end up walking out.
This will be my motivation for getting up and getting in the gym Tuesday mornings....hopefully.

Friday will always be a rest day.
Another day may be added in depending on soreness/work/school/life

Saturdays interval training will only be the weeks that my favorite instructor is teaching...yes I play favorites when it comes to group fitness.

Overall I like my plan.
I like that I HAVE a plan.
Gives me something to stick/look forward to.


Mom and I prepped our lunches for the week yesterday.
Both of us agree that planning work lunches is the hardest, but neither one of us is sure why.
Do you have this issue?

Here is a visual of the meals I brought with me to work today:

Breakfast- 1/2c oats+Justin's maple almond butter+ sliced raw almonds
Snack 1- Apple cinnamon Chobani + Kind granola
Lunch- Homemade chopped cobb salad
Snack 2- 2 clementines + tea

Dinner- The plan is left over chicken with roasted cherry tomatoes, but who knows what I will want after the gym. It may be eggs!
 Either way I am trying to steer clear of carbs at dinner, at least 5x a week.
TV Snack- Sugar cookie sleigh ride tea with honey

Day 1 is planned and put into action.
Tomorrow I will recap what I had for dinner + my workout before the abs class and if you would like I'll share my meal plan for day 2.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Time to refocus

Man oh man am I happy Thanksgiving is over.
Not that I don't enjoy spending time with family while simultaneously stuffing our faces with delicious foods but I am feeling less then stellar after the past 4 days off.

I have consumed more carbs then I would have ever thought possible and I feel like one big blob.
The holidays are the push I need to put me back on track with eating lean, clean and green.
Well that and the fact that I went[and bought] my wedding dress on Saturday!

I had a lot of nerves going into it mostly because I know wedding dresses run a size or two smaller then normal but I ended up wearing the same size as I do in jeans.
The only part of me I really wasn't happy with was my arms but I have 10 months...279 days to be exact to work on them, and that will be a big part of my focus.

This weeks lunches are inspired by my beloved chopped chicken cobb salad from Panera:
-Chicken Leftover turkey
-Feta cheese
-Red onion
-Italian dressing


I am going to try and refocus myself into the Tone It Up diet/lifestyle. When I eat better, I feel better and lately I've been lacking energy and motivation, so here's hoping this helps!

Now lets throw this back to you, how was your long weekend? 
Are you looking forward to lightening up your meals after overindulging?

Thursday, November 22, 2012

5 Things I Am Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Every year before we dig into our turkey and stuffing, my family and guests go around the table and say what we are thankful for that year.
It is my least favorite part of Thanksgiving.

Not because I am not thankful, but I don't like to display my emotions, especially in front of a group of people, even if they are family.

However,  I have thought a lot about what I am thankful for this year. It started when my father had his heart attack and then I was reminded again when Hurricane Sandy hit.

I find it easier to express myself through my words, so this list may require a tissue if you are a crier. [Mom, this means you]
I am also hoping this means I can just print this post out and hand it to our Thanksgiving attendees so I don't have to make a speech at the dinner table.
::crosses fingers and toes::

This year I am thankful for:

1. My family. [I'm thankful for them every year] 

 My Dad. 
I am thankful that he is still here.
His heart attack was not as serious as it could have been, but that doesn't make it any less scary.
So many people are not able to have a second chance after any sort of medical emergency and I am constantly reminded of that every day I spend with him now.
I am SO thankful he has quit smoking.
I cannot wait until he walks me down the aisle next year because there is no one else in the world I would rather have by my side giving me away.

 My Mom

 For being my best friend.
Living at home with your parents at the ripe old age of 26 can have its fair share of issues, BUT I wouldn't change my situation for anything.
My mom and I do a lot together: Workout, shop, nails, hair, errands, cook, watch TV. When she's not around [because she actually has a social life, unlike me who is a grandma] I miss her.
Thank you for EVERYTHING you do, every single day. Not just for me but for everyone in your life, you are the definition of a giver. 
You don't think, you just do.

For always giving me another chance.
My sister and I have always had a rocky relationship, mostly because of me. However as we have grown older we have learned to appreciate one another.  Her last visit home was one of my favorites. We were able to spend a lot of time together without any issues, which was big for us.
I will constantly have to work on myself and how I have treated her when we were kids but she always gives me another chance.
I only have you Al.
You're my only sister and I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I mean it.

2. My Husband to be

Oh Eddie.
You taught me what loving someone should feel like.
You brought me out of a very dark place from my previous relationship and made me believe I deserved something better.
Someone like you.
YOU are my heart & soul. 
The person I cannot imagine living life without.
In five years we have had our fair share of challenges and always come out stronger, both together and individually. I never doubt that we will continue to be the best match for each other.
I am so lucky to have you.
Thank you for loving me.

3. The Boys

Max and Chance for making me smile every day.
Whether I have been gone for 8 hours or 5 minutes I am always greeted with wagging tails and happy faces.
My new years resolution is to walk you both more.
 Thankfully you can't read so if I don't follow through with that you'll never know.

4.  My Sweaties.

I haven't even met 85% of the people who comment/read/tweet/follow this blog or any of my other social media sites but that doesn't take away from the fact that you all provide me with constant love and support.
I can write about a bad day and you'll send virtual love and hugs.
I can write about a great day and you'll  be there sharing in the happiness with me.
I can write about a new goal and you'll cheer me on.
YOU are the reasons I have gone after so many new goals/challenges and I am so thankful for that.

5. My Body.

I abuse you 5-6x a week and you take it like a champ.
You have had your fair share of soreness and injuries but you bounce right back.
We have run 5ks, done thousands of push ups-jumping jacks-lunges and squats.
You constantly amaze me.
Thank you for allowing me to do the things I want to do.

I hope you all have a fantastic holiday.
Spend time with your family and friends making memories and enjoying lots of good wine.
Laugh, cry, watch football.

Just have fun.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Coming up for air

Working in Ad Sales for a TV channel is brutal during holiday season.
We focus on working ahead to account for the days we are out of the office, like this Thursday and Friday.

While I LOVE being off from work [and getting paid for it] it is pure torture those few days before.
Hence my disappearance from my beloved blog.

I feel as if it's better not to post at all VS writing pure rambling nonsense.

With that said I am here with some rambles AND nonsense!

-Eddie has been away for the past 2 weeks and I haven't seen him since November 6th!  I cannot wait to squeeze him on Friday but I am not-so-secretly hoping it will be tomorrow.

-There are only 10 DAYS LEFT to enter/donate to Racing for Relief! There are some incredible prizes up for grabs so go sign up now!

-Last night on The Voice Amanda Brown sang Stars by Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.
I've been listening to the song ever since and have convinced myself I can sing it just as good, if not better then the two women mentioned above.
Don't worry I wouldn't record myself attempting this.

...or would I?

- I am going wedding dress shopping on Saturday and I could not feel less prepared...body wise.
Not to mention it is 2 days after Thanksgiving, great planning by me, as always.
It is rare for me to overindulge on turkey day because most of the dishes [turkey included] are not appealing to me, but I cannot shake my fear of dress shopping two days after the food based holiday.

Regardless I'm going to look awesome...right?
Just tell me that, ok?

-Speaking of food based holidays I have a big announcement coming your way next week about HOW we are going to shed the holiday pounds TOGETHER.
Health coach challenge comin atcha!

Okay that's it. I've rambled more then I wanted to and for that I apologize.
I'll have a real post tomorrow.
I promise!

Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Target

Ladies and Gentleman I have a Target problem.
Every time I go it's for 2 or 3 items but somehow I end up with a cart full of "things" and leave $100 poorer.

Please tell me I am not the only one who this happens to.

Anyway I took this opportunity to film a little haul for ya'll. 
It makes me feel like my shopping had a purpose.
I did have a bunch of fantastic finds which you will see when you click play:

I am also toying with the idea of VLOGmas which means videos everyday from December 1-25.

Friday Favorites- Week of 11/12

*If you signed up for Hung for the Holidays- Ornament swap the pairing email will be going out today!!*

I received a really great response on my first Friday favorites post and many comments said 
" yes please keep these comin'!" and since I aim to please...FFs are here to stay!

Favorite Indulgent Breakfast: Caramel Apple Coffee Cake I mean does this really need an explanation? This would be perfect on a cold weekend morning, as long as you have a sweat session planned ;)

Favorite MUST HAVE accessory: Skinny Minny Bow Studs from the one and only Kate Spade[$48]. I just love bows. They are the perfect combination of dainty and feminine. 
If I had it my way the world would be painted pink with accents of white polka dots and bows.

Favorite Cocktail: This one is actually my own recipe. Adult Hot Chocolate. Ghiradelli + Pinnacle Whipped Cream Vodka = Happiness in a mug.
 I'll be having this tonight while watching Reba's new sitcom WATCH OUT I'm a party animal

Favorite Future Baby Gift: NO I am not pregnant. Now that that is out of the way on to this rattle. I was shopping online and stumbled across this gem. My future children will have to own this baby dumbbell rattle. How could they not!?

Favorite "I Smell Pretty" Scent- I have been swooning over this for awhile. I keep going back to Sephora for samples of it until I can buy it myself OR until Santa puts it under the tree for me. Marc Jacobs "Daisy" is my go to scent currently but I really like "Dot"[s] lighter more floral side.

Favorite Glitz: OMG. Major swoonage going on over this clutch. Is this real life?! Henri Bendel why must you tease me??

Favorite Funny: Lulu Lemon has holiday e-cards on their website and every single one of them is adorable. This little man is my phone lock screen...he speaks my language.

Favorite Sweat: Ouch. The Tone It Up girls never disappoint when it comes to workouts and this Holiday Hotties leg circuit is proof.

If you're looking for a quick but brutal sweat session for your leggies look no further.

Favorite Party Game Idea: Quidditch Pong! Can Harry be on my team? He's old enough now!

Favorite Nail Look: DEXTER MORGAN! You may not know this but I am a HUGE Dexter fan. This season is unreal having to wait a week in between episodes is torture.
Maybe these nails will help tide me over?

Favorite Jam[s]: Xtina IS BACK! Growing up my favorite female pop star was always Christina Aguilera. From Genie in a bottle to Dirrty, I loved them all. 

When her latest CD hit the shelves or iTunes in my case, and I downloaded it right away.
Every single song on the album is awesome and yes I may be bias because of my love for her but I have two favorites to share:
Blank Page (Ballad)
Make the world move ft Ceelo (Shake your booty)

Favorite Decor: Christmas is coming which means Pinterest is FULL of ideas.

This table centerpiece comes from 3 items you already have on hand: ornaments, candles and wine glasses.
So clever/cute/festive
Do it!

Favorite Some eCard: With a bunch of clothes in my closet and drawers I still hate the idea of "wasting" an outfit. Most of the time they're not even swoon worthy but I like to think I have some style ;)

Happy Friday Everyone!