Thursday, October 4, 2012

That's How I Roll!

I feel great today.
Partly because of the comments I received on my What's Beautiful post yesterday, which I cannot thank all of you enough. It's really hard to put it all out there like I did, but it's also therapeutic...if that makes sense.

I woke up this morning, bright eyed and bushy tailed at 4:15 am. 
No alarm was set for a 5 am workout, but my body felt differently so I went with it.
Before leaving for the gym I tossed in a load of laundry, talk about being productive!

P.S The tank I am wearing is from Palm Beach Athletic wear, more to come!

Lauren and I got our booties handed to us for the second morning in a row. I am still sore from boot camp yesterday, and we took an arms & abs class today.

These were our torture devices, plus an 18 lb body bar.
Our teacher worked us so hard I struggled to wash my hair during my post workout shower.
True story.

Since it's Thursday it also means it's kickboxing night.
TWO-A-DAYS what what!
I figured I'd save myself half of the battle of changing from work clothes to gym clothes before class, and just rock my pants as leggings.

From a distance it all looks fine and normal.

Up close, not so much.
That's how I roll!

I treated myself to a venti pumpkin spice soy misto from Starbucks before work. I'm not sure if the girl heard me wrong or was trying to insult me but she decided to call me Collie today.

Am I a dog?

Thankfully my Starbucks now carries organic dried mangoes in snack packs, so they were back in my good graces by the time I left the door.

I also got a little frisky with my breakfast this morning,
The past three days I've had pumpkin spice waffles with coconut pb, but today I wanted something different.

I picked two of these up this past Sunday while I was food shopping and felt they would be a good meal to keep at my desk at work in case I forget breakfast/lunch one day or in this case needed a change from the ole routine.

It's delicious and pairs perfectly with my coffee.
Seriously, I love today already!

I came across this quote from the one and only Siruis Black last night, and wanted to share it with all of you.

  We're one day closer to the weekend!
Happy Thursday Sweaties


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