Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sweat and Burn

Today is the first day I feel ready to blog about life again.
On Tuesday morning I hit the gym to try a workout I found in the October issue of Women's Health magazine.
The one with Hayden Panettiere[Don't worry I Googled the spelling on that one] on the cover, who is also the star of one of my new favorite shows:
Have any of you watched it?
It is very similar to the movie Country Strong, which I love!
Wait, we're here to discuss my workout, not TV shows.

As soon as I read this workout I wanted to try it, and two days later...I am still sore.

I have admitted on several occasions that I do not adventure to the "machine" area of my gym often, so when I had to figure out the cable machine it was slightly embarrassing.

After 10 good minutes of circling the machine, and talking out loud (to myself) we were good to go.
I used 60 lbs for the first move, and 80-90lbs for the other three.
 Holy sweat and burn.

The best feeling in the world is being sore in places you usually are not.
I think I am going to start trying these workouts I save/rip out from magazines more often, it's not only a challenge for my muscles, but for me to get my booty out on the floor!

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts in the future*



  1. That seems like an awesome workout! I don't have a gym membership anymore cause I needed to save some $ where I could ... but I'm going to modify it to be an 'at home' work out :)

  2. the cable machine is my go to machine! love it!

  3. I have a binder with these in sheet protectors :)

  4. I saw this workout and ripped it out of the mag for a day when I have the energy- looks intense!

  5. I'd love to see more posts like this! It's awesome to get new ideas! Don't feel bad about the machines; I'm the exact same way! So clueless! Hahah! Hope you're having a super day!! Spa <3

  6. I saw that workout and tore it out. It looks like a tough one!

  7. Magazine workouts keep things fresh! Woot!

  8. Love Women's Health. I'm subscribed to it as well as Shape and Fitness. I haven't done any workouts by them yet though surprisngly! Might have to :)