Thursday, October 25, 2012

My name is Carlyn and I like to shop

We all do it.
Some more then others.
However, if you're finding great things at great prices how can you be expected to walk away?

Here are some of the things I have purchased recently:


I'll admit this was an unhealthy impulse buy, but something in me just had to have it.
We made french toast with this bread and it was better then expected.
I picked up a second bag this weekend to pair with my next purchase:

Caramel Apple nutty butter from The Smart Kitchen.
Every month she releases two flavors for people to buy.
This jar came yesterday and I immediately sampled it.
I cannot wait to pair the two and to see what flavors are in store for November.

Girly Girl

Holiday nail polish collections are currently popping up in stores and they are beautiful.
The three OPI colors below are from the Skyfall 007 collection. All of them have the most unique micro glitter that is just to die for. The Essie is from the Holiday 2012 collection and is unlike any other color I currently own, so naturally I had to have it.

Red-You only live twice
Blue-On her majesty's secret service
Brown-The world is not enough
Baby Blue[Essie]- Where's my chauffeur?

Worth every dollar.


I have been eying these coral bad girl flats since June at my local boutique. They're loud and kick ass...kind of like someone I know ;)
They were on sale for $15 this past weekend, and lucky for them (and me) they were given a new home.

I *think* and *hope* I found the perfect running sneaker.
Ladies and gentlemen the Asic  Cumulus Gel 14.

These baby blues cost me a pretty penny which has me worried because I cannot return them once I've worn them.
I have been searching the internet to find a lower price but have come up short.
They feel right. Firm yet comfortable, but how will I know until I run in them!?



This makes me happy.
I am a mug collector of sorts.
When Eddie and I have our home we will not own a mug set, instead we will have a variety that resembles us (or me since I am the coffee drinker)
I like it that way.

Also I found out there will be a Christmas version of this mug coming out 12/1 and you can bet your bottom dollar I will pick it up...that day.

Have you made any fun purchases lately?
Tell me!


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