Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm Friday

Heyyy you guyssssssssssss

::high fives to the person who knows where that is from::

Just doing a quick pop in to say hey! Work has been insane today, prepping for Frankenstorm.
Yea that is what the meteorologists are calling this potential hurricane/winter storm combination that is set to hit New York/New Jersey Monday afternoon.

I am a bit skeptical when it comes to storm predictions, I find weather people cry wolf far too often.
I want a job where I can be wrong 98% of the time and still get paid!!

 However, my mom is glued to the TV giving us constant updates.
Maybe she has a new career in the works?

Anywho I have another weekend filled with sweat and fun planned, and I cannot wait until the clock strikes 5pm in just a little over an hour.

Tonight I am returning my new Asics. Not because I don't want them, so don't worry your pretty little heads! I found them at a local running store for $25 cheaper AND I can run in them for 2 weeks before deciding if they're the ones for me.


I am also heading to the mall to pick up 2 pieces for my Halloween costume that I will be wearing tomorrow night to a few bar parties I am attending.
No I won't tell you who/what I am being, but I will give you a clue.

SHE is a 90's TV character.

I'll instagram a picture tomorrow night and share it on my weekend recap Monday.
That is if we have power.

Who am I kidding...we will, this storm isn't happening.

For sweat I have jump and drill + Interval training tomorrow morning, as long as my knees oblige.
I hate being at their mercy, they don't even deserve it.

Sunday morning is either kickboxing or a 5k, depends on how hungover I am.

Any fun weekend plans in your neck of the woods?
How are you getting your sweat on?


  1. I hope the weather people are wrong, because I'm running the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday (DC) which is when all that mess is supposed to hit the area. Could make for an even more interesting day!

    1. ooo I hope you get to run! Have a great race if you do :)

  2. I'm going to a bunch of friends house parties this weekend and probably taking a class at the gym and getting a nice run in. My bf and I are doing a Walking Dead (the tv show) themed couples costumes-he's Rick the sheriff and I'm a zombie nurse! Enjoy your festivities!

    1. funny story--- I work for AMC! we love walking dead around here would love to see the costumes

    2. oh no way! I'll be sure to post a pic on my blog at

  3. The Goonies - yes! Love that film :) I am looking forward to a weekend full of horse riding (I'm looking after a friends for a few days), shopping, hopefully going for a run as long as it isn't too cold! And some good workouts. Hopefully some pumpkin carving too! x

  4. We are dealing with the same weather ish here in PA. Apparently a state of emergency has been declared but I'm still not convinced! Tennis, spin, and a cheat day tomorrow are on my agenda!

  5. Definitely the goonies!! Love it!! Can't wait to see what your costume is! I am in FL with the family I nanny for and we are going to a Halloween dinner tomorrow night. It's a dress up, and im going to be a green m&m. It's not a typical m&m costume tho! It's a really cute little tank dress. Have fun celebrating! Spa <3

  6. GOOONIES! Yes! I say that allll of the time! :) My family is nervous for me to head to DC for Marine Corps Marathon - but if I have to stay on the East coast a few extra days I'm not going to complain! :)

  7. I will be running in 2 5ks...getting back from injury. Brightwaters pumpkin run and Freaky 5k in Wantagh....lets hope there is no freak ice storm like this weekend last year....I still ran the pumpkin run and the setauck owl prowl but nice 50 degree weather is always better LOL.

  8. Sounds like a fun weekend. Have fun @ the bar parties :)

  9. Heading to BC this weekend! Woo HOo!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. My work group decorated our row of cubes as Goonies, complete with One-Eyed Willie, a treasure map, a pirate ship, and we gave out full size Baby Ruth candy bars! :) Happy Halloween!

  11. The Electric Company orginally (as I show my age), and then again in the Goonies. :)

    Stay safe, and I'm hoping the meteorologists are wrong about "Frankenstorm." I don't think they did any evacuations or opened storm shelters along the NC coast over the weekend. It's windier today than Saturday was, though running (uphill) in the wind Saturday morning sucked big time. ;)

    And now the them song from the Electric Company is stuck in my head. lol