Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm Friday

Heyyy you guyssssssssssss

::high fives to the person who knows where that is from::

Just doing a quick pop in to say hey! Work has been insane today, prepping for Frankenstorm.
Yea that is what the meteorologists are calling this potential hurricane/winter storm combination that is set to hit New York/New Jersey Monday afternoon.

I am a bit skeptical when it comes to storm predictions, I find weather people cry wolf far too often.
I want a job where I can be wrong 98% of the time and still get paid!!

 However, my mom is glued to the TV giving us constant updates.
Maybe she has a new career in the works?

Anywho I have another weekend filled with sweat and fun planned, and I cannot wait until the clock strikes 5pm in just a little over an hour.

Tonight I am returning my new Asics. Not because I don't want them, so don't worry your pretty little heads! I found them at a local running store for $25 cheaper AND I can run in them for 2 weeks before deciding if they're the ones for me.


I am also heading to the mall to pick up 2 pieces for my Halloween costume that I will be wearing tomorrow night to a few bar parties I am attending.
No I won't tell you who/what I am being, but I will give you a clue.

SHE is a 90's TV character.

I'll instagram a picture tomorrow night and share it on my weekend recap Monday.
That is if we have power.

Who am I kidding...we will, this storm isn't happening.

For sweat I have jump and drill + Interval training tomorrow morning, as long as my knees oblige.
I hate being at their mercy, they don't even deserve it.

Sunday morning is either kickboxing or a 5k, depends on how hungover I am.

Any fun weekend plans in your neck of the woods?
How are you getting your sweat on?


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