Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dreams come true if you let them

When I first started blogging I never even thought about the opportunities that would be given to me.
From meeting Bob Harper to spending the day at McCormick, all of these things have been at the top of my "OMG did I just get to do that?!" list.

Until last night.

Nike NYC invited me to MetLife Stadium, home of the NY Jets and Giants, to workout on the field like a football player.


I am a big football fan, my team is terrible and I still root for them week after week. I am part of a fantasy league with Eddie, and joined the football club at my local bar.  
So you can imagine my excitement when this opportunity just kind of fell into my inbox.

We boarded the buses at 5:45 from the Nike running store in the Flatiron district.
 Of course we rode in style, Mercedes style.

When we entered the stadium and were greeted by the Nike NYC employees while walking to the visiting team locker room.

 The locker room was decorated in motivating quotes to prepare us for what was ahead. 

They gave us clothes to change into before hitting the field
 I asked where the Jets gear was...and they just laughed.
When in MetLife

We kicked field goals, caught passes and scored touchdowns.
I even pulled a Mark Sanchez and threw two terrible passes, it was awesome.

 I had the opportunity to try the new Nike Free 3.0. I would definitely buy these sneakers, they were lightweight, yet sturdy. Perfect for me and my ongoing knee issues.
Unfortunately we had to give them back post workout. I asked what they did with the "gently used," sneakers and was told they disinfect them and donate them to those in need.
I love that.

After our football drills it was time to workout, NTC style.
I've talked about this app a few times, and it is my go to for days I don't run or take a fitness class.
Doing it with the actual trainers, on the 50 yard line brought the already difficult workout to an entirely new level.

 We worked up quite an appetite after getting sweaty, so it was nice to refuel with vegetables, fruit, hummus and crackers.

This night was one of the best nights of my life so far. I have not fully processed that I was on the field that my team is on week after week. 
The field that so many amazing professional athletes have shed blood, sweat and tears. 
The field that so many celebrities have sung the national anthem for all of us to hear. 

I have sat in the seats, and I have played on the field.
Dreams come true, if you let them.


  1. jaw is on the floor! SO JEALOUS!! but how exciting that you had such an awesome experience! I would have been asking for J-E-T-S gear! lol Talk about a good time! The crazy world of blogging really takes you places!

  2. That is AWESOME!!! What an exciting experience! I would be on cloud 9 as well. :)

  3. can send me the Giants worries I'll take it off of your hands..LOL Great experience

  4. I'm so happy for you! :) It such a surreal experience and definitely once in a lifetime. Loved your touchdown. Maybe you can help the JETS out this weekend! ;)

  5. SO awwesome! I'm jealous! Looks like a great night!

  6. What a great opportunity! I'm a huge football fan too so this would have been heaven -- except it would need to be Gillette Stadium ;)

  7. Too freaking cool.

  8. I am not even a sports girl and I LOVE this! So awesome!

  9. What an amazing opportunity girl. I'm so glad you had such a great time!

  10. What an amazing opportunity! So glad you shared your experience, and thanks for vlogging!

  11. it IS that huh?



  12. Wasn't that night awesome?? I was there too and still can't believe that we got to run around and play on the MetLife Field. So freaking cool.