Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Club + My Week in Vlogs

You would think that going to bed after 11pm  would result in me sleeping a little later this morning.
My body was ready to go at 5 am.
An annoying routine, because most work/gym mornings it is not ready to function at 5 am, with the exception of yesterday.

Today is week two of Jump & Drill and my mom is my partner!
Kicking, punching, push ups and jumping rope together..can't wait.

Not to mention we'll have Ryan cheering us on

Last night was our first book club meeting. My mom, aunt, cousin and myself sipped on wine while discussing Gone Girl. 
Perfect night?
I think so.

This month we are all reading: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
The synopsis sounded interesting, so we decided to give it a try.
If you're interested in reading along with us, let me know, I would love to do a book talk with you!
We are discussing the book on November 16th, and we already picked out Novembers book:
"Son" By Lois Lowry

-If you have any book suggestions please send them my way!

On to the vlogs:
Lauren and I get lost on the way to her Diva 1/2 marathon packet pick up

Diva 1/2 and a new recipe!

How I felt about the recipe

Me and Chance, washed out and glorious

Deadly bootcamp recap

My new shirt and an awesome sky!

Today Eddie and I have some wedding appointments and then we're going to get into some sort of shenanigans so that should be a fun vlog.

I'm off to the gym for a nice 2 hour sweat session

Have a fantastic Saturday Sweaties!


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