Monday, October 22, 2012

ANOTHER injury.

I had an entire weekend recap post planned for today. I was going to tell you all the fantastic, fun things I did.

Instead, I am going to tell you how pissed off I am thanks to another knee injury.

Saturday morning I had jump and drill followed by my first 5k since my torn meniscus diagnosis in August.
I felt fine through the entire run, outside of being tired.

Sunday morning during kickboxing my right [good] knee started bothering me and I quickly realized that my run had caused another injury.

I have never had an issue with either of my knees, let a lone both. Some people said I may have been overcompensating during my run so I would avoid re-injuring my left, which very well may be the case. But I truly believe my Brooks are the issue.
Running in my Nike's never caused me any pain. Yet 8 runs in my new Brooks have resulted in 2 knee issues.
They just don't feel right around my ankles. They're loose and lacking the proper support.

I am so angry that I am sitting here with the same pain I had in my left knee 2 months ago.
I am beside myself that I may be back on the injured list and unable to do my workouts, just when I was getting back into my schedule.

Thankfully, I have gone through PT and know what moves I can do to stregthen the knee in hopes of fixing it myself. It doesn't hurt as badly as the tear did, but I am fearful I am one workout away from yet another tear.


Tomorrow night I am working out at MetLife stadium [Home of the Jets and Giants] with Nike, and all I can think about is my damn knee. I just want to sweat!

With that said I am in the market...again...for new sneakers. I refuse to put my brooks on my feet ever again. They're actually going in the garbage as soon as I get home.

 I cannot risk more time out of the gym. I missed running, kicking, jumping, lifting to much to be out again.

Tell me your favorite running sneakers.


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