Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Frankenstorm Update

So remember that post on Friday where I joked about Frankenstorm?

I am eating my words in the worst way.

Long Island, as well as most of the NE coast is in total devastation due to this storm.
The damage I have seen through the local news and pictures on Facebook is heart breaking.

My town is mostly underwater.
People have lost everything due to floods and fires.

My family and I have been beyond lucky. We have only lost power, gas, and a few fence panels that were fixed post Sandy.

Please keep those affected in your prayers, it is truly unreal what has happened.
I will update as I can, when I can.
We are bouncing around to find power and internet where we can.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Frankenstorm Friday

Heyyy you guyssssssssssss

::high fives to the person who knows where that is from::

Just doing a quick pop in to say hey! Work has been insane today, prepping for Frankenstorm.
Yea that is what the meteorologists are calling this potential hurricane/winter storm combination that is set to hit New York/New Jersey Monday afternoon.

I am a bit skeptical when it comes to storm predictions, I find weather people cry wolf far too often.
I want a job where I can be wrong 98% of the time and still get paid!!

 However, my mom is glued to the TV giving us constant updates.
Maybe she has a new career in the works?

Anywho I have another weekend filled with sweat and fun planned, and I cannot wait until the clock strikes 5pm in just a little over an hour.

Tonight I am returning my new Asics. Not because I don't want them, so don't worry your pretty little heads! I found them at a local running store for $25 cheaper AND I can run in them for 2 weeks before deciding if they're the ones for me.


I am also heading to the mall to pick up 2 pieces for my Halloween costume that I will be wearing tomorrow night to a few bar parties I am attending.
No I won't tell you who/what I am being, but I will give you a clue.

SHE is a 90's TV character.

I'll instagram a picture tomorrow night and share it on my weekend recap Monday.
That is if we have power.

Who am I kidding...we will, this storm isn't happening.

For sweat I have jump and drill + Interval training tomorrow morning, as long as my knees oblige.
I hate being at their mercy, they don't even deserve it.

Sunday morning is either kickboxing or a 5k, depends on how hungover I am.

Any fun weekend plans in your neck of the woods?
How are you getting your sweat on?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

My name is Carlyn and I like to shop

We all do it.
Some more then others.
However, if you're finding great things at great prices how can you be expected to walk away?

Here are some of the things I have purchased recently:


I'll admit this was an unhealthy impulse buy, but something in me just had to have it.
We made french toast with this bread and it was better then expected.
I picked up a second bag this weekend to pair with my next purchase:

Caramel Apple nutty butter from The Smart Kitchen.
Every month she releases two flavors for people to buy.
This jar came yesterday and I immediately sampled it.
I cannot wait to pair the two and to see what flavors are in store for November.

Girly Girl

Holiday nail polish collections are currently popping up in stores and they are beautiful.
The three OPI colors below are from the Skyfall 007 collection. All of them have the most unique micro glitter that is just to die for. The Essie is from the Holiday 2012 collection and is unlike any other color I currently own, so naturally I had to have it.

Red-You only live twice
Blue-On her majesty's secret service
Brown-The world is not enough
Baby Blue[Essie]- Where's my chauffeur?

Worth every dollar.


I have been eying these coral bad girl flats since June at my local boutique. They're loud and kick ass...kind of like someone I know ;)
They were on sale for $15 this past weekend, and lucky for them (and me) they were given a new home.

I *think* and *hope* I found the perfect running sneaker.
Ladies and gentlemen the Asic  Cumulus Gel 14.

These baby blues cost me a pretty penny which has me worried because I cannot return them once I've worn them.
I have been searching the internet to find a lower price but have come up short.
They feel right. Firm yet comfortable, but how will I know until I run in them!?



This makes me happy.
I am a mug collector of sorts.
When Eddie and I have our home we will not own a mug set, instead we will have a variety that resembles us (or me since I am the coffee drinker)
I like it that way.

Also I found out there will be a Christmas version of this mug coming out 12/1 and you can bet your bottom dollar I will pick it up...that day.

Have you made any fun purchases lately?
Tell me!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dreams come true if you let them

When I first started blogging I never even thought about the opportunities that would be given to me.
From meeting Bob Harper to spending the day at McCormick, all of these things have been at the top of my "OMG did I just get to do that?!" list.

Until last night.

Nike NYC invited me to MetLife Stadium, home of the NY Jets and Giants, to workout on the field like a football player.


I am a big football fan, my team is terrible and I still root for them week after week. I am part of a fantasy league with Eddie, and joined the football club at my local bar.  
So you can imagine my excitement when this opportunity just kind of fell into my inbox.

We boarded the buses at 5:45 from the Nike running store in the Flatiron district.
 Of course we rode in style, Mercedes style.

When we entered the stadium and were greeted by the Nike NYC employees while walking to the visiting team locker room.

 The locker room was decorated in motivating quotes to prepare us for what was ahead. 

They gave us clothes to change into before hitting the field
 I asked where the Jets gear was...and they just laughed.
When in MetLife

We kicked field goals, caught passes and scored touchdowns.
I even pulled a Mark Sanchez and threw two terrible passes, it was awesome.

 I had the opportunity to try the new Nike Free 3.0. I would definitely buy these sneakers, they were lightweight, yet sturdy. Perfect for me and my ongoing knee issues.
Unfortunately we had to give them back post workout. I asked what they did with the "gently used," sneakers and was told they disinfect them and donate them to those in need.
I love that.

After our football drills it was time to workout, NTC style.
I've talked about this app a few times, and it is my go to for days I don't run or take a fitness class.
Doing it with the actual trainers, on the 50 yard line brought the already difficult workout to an entirely new level.

 We worked up quite an appetite after getting sweaty, so it was nice to refuel with vegetables, fruit, hummus and crackers.

This night was one of the best nights of my life so far. I have not fully processed that I was on the field that my team is on week after week. 
The field that so many amazing professional athletes have shed blood, sweat and tears. 
The field that so many celebrities have sung the national anthem for all of us to hear. 

I have sat in the seats, and I have played on the field.
Dreams come true, if you let them.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Protein Power! [Review]

Weight loss and eating healthy while constantly on the go can be a difficult task.
For me personally, I need something I can throw in my bag that will hold me for a few hours, at any given time.

 You never know when a train is going to be delayed or break down.
Well in my case it's usually 1-2x a week.
Good old LIRR.
I digress.

When I was given the opportunity to partner up with Special K to try their new protein line I didn't hesitate.
I have been a big fan of the cereal line for years, my favorites are red berries and chocolatey delight,
[ which I am eating as I type..multitasking at its finest]
but I had yet to get my hungry hands on their newest creation which has 10 grams of protein per serving!

They also sent 4 protein bars and 3 shakes.

However, I was too busy eating them and only photographed one.
The verdict?
Every single one is delicious!
My favorite was the chocolate & peanut surprise there.

I brought the bars with me to the gym for my 5 am workouts, that way I could get in a quick breakfast on my drive home.
To my surprise they held me for over 4 hours.
The shakes were the last things I tried.
I decided to have "cocktail hour" this past Sunday with my mom and sister, that way I could get their opinions on them as well.
My favorite was the strawberry banana, my sister loved the chocolate, and my mom liked all three.
6 thumbs up from the JKS family!

These shakes can be thrown into a blender with ice and additions (like PB2 or fruit) if you wanted, but they taste perfect on their own, which is ideal for those on-the-go meals.

Have you tried any of the protein packed Special K products?

Disclaimer: FitFluential LLC compensated me for this campaign. All opinions are my own.

Monday, October 22, 2012

ANOTHER injury.

I had an entire weekend recap post planned for today. I was going to tell you all the fantastic, fun things I did.

Instead, I am going to tell you how pissed off I am thanks to another knee injury.

Saturday morning I had jump and drill followed by my first 5k since my torn meniscus diagnosis in August.
I felt fine through the entire run, outside of being tired.

Sunday morning during kickboxing my right [good] knee started bothering me and I quickly realized that my run had caused another injury.

I have never had an issue with either of my knees, let a lone both. Some people said I may have been overcompensating during my run so I would avoid re-injuring my left, which very well may be the case. But I truly believe my Brooks are the issue.
Running in my Nike's never caused me any pain. Yet 8 runs in my new Brooks have resulted in 2 knee issues.
They just don't feel right around my ankles. They're loose and lacking the proper support.

I am so angry that I am sitting here with the same pain I had in my left knee 2 months ago.
I am beside myself that I may be back on the injured list and unable to do my workouts, just when I was getting back into my schedule.

Thankfully, I have gone through PT and know what moves I can do to stregthen the knee in hopes of fixing it myself. It doesn't hurt as badly as the tear did, but I am fearful I am one workout away from yet another tear.


Tomorrow night I am working out at MetLife stadium [Home of the Jets and Giants] with Nike, and all I can think about is my damn knee. I just want to sweat!

With that said I am in the market...again...for new sneakers. I refuse to put my brooks on my feet ever again. They're actually going in the garbage as soon as I get home.

 I cannot risk more time out of the gym. I missed running, kicking, jumping, lifting to much to be out again.

Tell me your favorite running sneakers.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pumpkin Overload.

The week that wouldn't end finally has!
I am really looking forward to this weekend, starting with tonight.

As soon as I am off of the train I am heading to the Post Office Cafe  to pick up my race packet for tomorrows 5k and more importantly, my complimentary beer, probably pumpkin or a Samuel Adams Octoberfest.

Tomorrow morning is Jump & Drill from 8-9 then the race at 10 am.
Super sweaty Saturday for me!
Thankfully my outfit is all picked out and ready to go, including a pair of Halloween socks.
I'll be posting it on here--Instagram and Vlogging, so don't worry, you won't miss it ;)

A few weeks ago my mom picked up some of Trader Joe's pumpkin pancake and waffle mix. Given the theme of the weekend I may need to make some of these in between my workouts.

All those calories I'll have burned from my workouts will be going right back into my body at TJ Finley's [my favorite bar] for PUMPKINFEST!

I went last year with Eddie, Becky and Lauren, and had the time of my life:

 It is by far my favorite day of the year.

However you can never have too many pumpkin activities in your life, so Sunday night me Lauren and the fam are headed to Old Westbury Gardens for Rise of the Jack O'Lanterns.

It is a 1/3 of a mile walk where you see over 5,000 hand carved pumpkins like this:

If that isn't amazing, I don't know what is!

I think some decaf pumpkin spice lattes will be in order for this event.
I have not been this excited for a weekend in a very long time.

What are your plans this weekend?

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sweat and Burn

Today is the first day I feel ready to blog about life again.
On Tuesday morning I hit the gym to try a workout I found in the October issue of Women's Health magazine.
The one with Hayden Panettiere[Don't worry I Googled the spelling on that one] on the cover, who is also the star of one of my new favorite shows:
Have any of you watched it?
It is very similar to the movie Country Strong, which I love!
Wait, we're here to discuss my workout, not TV shows.

As soon as I read this workout I wanted to try it, and two days later...I am still sore.

I have admitted on several occasions that I do not adventure to the "machine" area of my gym often, so when I had to figure out the cable machine it was slightly embarrassing.

After 10 good minutes of circling the machine, and talking out loud (to myself) we were good to go.
I used 60 lbs for the first move, and 80-90lbs for the other three.
 Holy sweat and burn.

The best feeling in the world is being sore in places you usually are not.
I think I am going to start trying these workouts I save/rip out from magazines more often, it's not only a challenge for my muscles, but for me to get my booty out on the floor!

Let me know if you'd like to see more of these posts in the future*


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Life is too short

Thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers for my father these past few days.
He is doing better and will hopefully be home tomorrow.

I have done a lot of thinking these past few days.
Life is too short.
We take too many things for granted.
Our health being one of those things.

We are given one body, one life.
So many of us forget that.

We go through the daily motions, the routines.
Work-family-school-gym, etc.
 What does it all mean if you aren't being true to you?

Do not take another day for granted.

You want something?
Go and get it.

You've been waiting for a sign to make a change?
Here it is.

Go live your life, in the one body you were given.
Appreciate the small things.
 Appreciate everything.


Monday, October 15, 2012

The Promise

When I was 6 years old I was in the hospital for a week or so due to scarlet fever. 
I woke up one morning and my legs just did not work.
My mom thinks it was caused by the antibiotics I was on, but to this day we don't really know why or how it happened.
I don't remember much from the experience, except for a conversation I had with my dad.
He promised me that if I got better, he would quit smoking.

I got better.
He never quit.

To this day I bring that conversation up with him because it is one I will never forget. Even though I was only a child, I knew how bad smoking was and wanted my dad to quit so he could be around forever.

This past weekend my dad had a heart attack.
Thankfully it was mild, but he is in the hospital and undergoing a series of tests and procedures.

I wish he took his health more seriously. I worry about him everyday and now one of my worst fears has come true.

I know he is going to be okay, but I hope he realizes how lucky he is.
He gets a second chance.
Not many people are that lucky after something as serious as a heart attack.

Dad if you're reading this, I love you and can't wait until you're home again.

Thank you to everyone for your continued thought and prayers.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Book Club + My Week in Vlogs

You would think that going to bed after 11pm  would result in me sleeping a little later this morning.
My body was ready to go at 5 am.
An annoying routine, because most work/gym mornings it is not ready to function at 5 am, with the exception of yesterday.

Today is week two of Jump & Drill and my mom is my partner!
Kicking, punching, push ups and jumping rope together..can't wait.

Not to mention we'll have Ryan cheering us on

Last night was our first book club meeting. My mom, aunt, cousin and myself sipped on wine while discussing Gone Girl. 
Perfect night?
I think so.

This month we are all reading: The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton
The synopsis sounded interesting, so we decided to give it a try.
If you're interested in reading along with us, let me know, I would love to do a book talk with you!
We are discussing the book on November 16th, and we already picked out Novembers book:
"Son" By Lois Lowry

-If you have any book suggestions please send them my way!

On to the vlogs:
Lauren and I get lost on the way to her Diva 1/2 marathon packet pick up

Diva 1/2 and a new recipe!

How I felt about the recipe

Me and Chance, washed out and glorious

Deadly bootcamp recap

My new shirt and an awesome sky!

Today Eddie and I have some wedding appointments and then we're going to get into some sort of shenanigans so that should be a fun vlog.

I'm off to the gym for a nice 2 hour sweat session

Have a fantastic Saturday Sweaties!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Graduate Goes To Bootcamp

Good Morning and Happy Thursday!

Yesterday I took an unplanned day off from blogging. I was completely preoccupied with work, and putting some final touches on YOUtrition.

For more information visit my Health Coaching tab or email me:

Last night I had physical therapy for the first time in over a week, and since I have returned to my workouts.
Little did I know it was also my last time.

After speaking with my PT,whom I love, ( if you live on Long Island ABC PT in West Babylon is the best!) we discussed how I felt after returning to kickboxing and interval training classes. I told her I was still making slight modifications but even without them I wasn't feeling pain like I was two months ago.
With that she replied "Okay then this is your last session, you've graduated."

I was kind of shocked. I wasn't expecting to be finished this soon.
Especially because the Orthopedic office I went to told me surgery, surgery, surgery.

I am so happy I can return to my normal, crazy-insane workout schedule. 
I asked her if I can run again and she said to do anything that feels right, and if there is pain to take it slow/rest. 

So I will be running my first 5k since I tore my meniscus in August, NEXT Saturday.
I am a little nervous because I haven't been running or doing much cardio since my diagnosis, and it shows.
I was dying during Jump & Drill last Saturday. I left there feeling as if I was going to throw up...sorry TMI.

However, I am doing this race to have fun, not to PR. I want to get back into the swing of things because I may have some plans in the works for races next spring.
::cue suspicious music::
Not to mention I have Jump & Drill before the actual 5k, so I'll be pretty tired.
I'm hardcore, what can I say.

Sorry I am just rambling on and on, that's what happens when you take a day off from blogging mid-week.

In other news..

That's right I signed up for Tina's Bootcamp! This is the third session she has held and I am really excited to be a part of it.
If you want to sign up do it now! Registration closes on October 15th

Bootcamp runs from October 22-December 17th and only costs $25!
Perfect to get your body in shape by and through the holiday season.

Lauren and I are doing it together, I am also going to try and recruit my mom as well.
It helps working out with friends and family, a little competition never hurt anyone ;)

So I will be taking measurements and posting them on October 21, this way I can do an accurate comparison before/after.

Speaking of measurements. 
I went on the scale this morning for the first time in three months, and I am happy to report
Man did that put an extra pep in my step today.

I think bootcamp is going to push me in a different way and continue to transform my body. I hope I am right! I have heard nothing but fantastic things about the program.

Okay enough rambling on and on....have a great day sweaties!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

FitFashion:PalmBeach athletic wear


It is the biggest part of my wardrobe.
I own more gym clothes than I know what to do with at this point.
When I get dressed for my workout, I actually take the time to think about it.
Is this normal?
Do you do this?

I'll admit when I first joined my gym in 2009 I was the girl in the back with the the over sized t-shirts and baggy sweatpants.
As I lost weight I found myself wanting to change the clothes I wore while I worked up a sweat.
It improved my workout.
You know the saying "when you look good, you feel good"?
That's exactly how it is/was for me.

Now it is  3 years later and 50+ pounds gone and my fitgear has become my favorite clothes to shop for.
Without a doubt, every time I go to the matter what it is for, I end up something new to wear to the gym.

So when the opportunity was offered to me to review Palm Beach Athleticwear, I didn't hesitate.
For someone like me who is still on a journey to a better body, some of the clothes were intimidating.
[lots of crop tanks and shorts]
But after spending some time on their website I found many options suitable for my "cover me up, yet still look cute" style.

The top:

 This is the "Old School Tank Top".

I wore it to boot camp last Wednesday and I am thrilled to report I had no issues with it showing my stomach during burpees.
A big win in my opinion.

The bottom:

These capris have had their fair share of sweat already.
I've worn them to 4 fitness classes in the 2 weeks I have had them.
Obsessed much?

These have become my go to pants because when I wear them, they don't move.
Most of my other pants not being tight enough and they end up falling down.
Have you ever tried to do a one handed jumping jack while holding up your pants?
It just doesn't work.

However the flap pocket does look a little strange when you're bouncing around, but I don't mind.

I have already picked out some other clothes I would like to add to my fitgear collection:

I just love the little detail at the bottom. 

Perfect for to and from the gym.

This tank = me.

I would just feel hot when I wore this, and that alone is enough of a reason to own it!

I could go on and on showing you all of the amazing clothes that PalmBeach athletic wear has to offer, but I think it would be best for you to just hop on over to their website and see for yourself!

Disclaimer: The clothes were sent to me for review from PalmBeach athletic wear. All opinions, as always, are my own.