Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Therapy: Retail and Physical

Andddddd I'm back, and feeling a little better. I swear you guys are the best, the tweets and comments just make me feel so much better about everything.

 This doesn't hurt either ;)

One of the reasons I skip taking a lunch break almost daily is NYC is dangerous for girls with shopping addictions.
I am one of those girls.
No self control so instead I sit in my cubbie for 8 straight hours just to save money.

Yesterday was different. I said screw it. If I can't exercise my body the way I want, I am going to exercise my debit card.

 I didn't go too crazy. Just 2 pairs of leggings (2 for $28! what what!) at Victoria's Secret and the hoodie above. The sweatshirt was a die hard necessity because it's long, soft and PINK

I came home from work to a gift from an anonymous person
I knew from the koozie it was from Lauren and it instantly put a smile on my face after a somewhat draining day.


I had a little time before PT so I made myself a fantastic, smelly meal.

One dippy egg on top of a bed of roasted, shaved brussel sprouts and topped with nutritional yeast and onion crunch.
My poor parents hate the smell of brussels AND nutritional yeast...imagine their feelings when they're combined?
I'll be eating this again tonight, it was that good.

Physical Therapy session # 2

We started with electric stim for 10 minutes. It was relaxing and I got to watch The Voice which made me one happy girl.

After that it was workout time!
I started out with 4 exercises laying down:
Lateral raises(bad leg)
Foam roller placed in between my bent legs then squeeze and release(both legs)
Foam roller placed underneath my knees and lateral raise (bad leg)
Lay on my side then side leg raises (bad leg)
Each exercise was performed 30x

Then we moved to the floor where they have a bunch of machines, just like the gym.
I think I was a little too excited to see this because the PT noticed me smiling at the sight.

First up mini bosu ball. I stood on my good leg, trying to balance--WORK THAT CORE!-- while doing 30 side leg raises. However, I have very long legs and kept kicking the wall...I am not a graceful human being, which is why my dreams of becoming a ballerina were killed at the age of 6.
After side raises it was time for back raises.
These HURT. I cannot believe how much these simple moves were affecting my knee [you have a tear and cyst...remember?]  and I felt weak.

Last but not least was step ups with a side leg extension. This time I was stepping up on my bad leg and extending my good one. I was awful at this. My balance was off and again my non-graceful side showed its beautiful face as I wobbled my way into the wall.

 While I was getting my deep tissue rub down (which I hate) my PT asked how I was holding up without kickboxing. I told him I went on the treadmill Thursday and Friday, hated my life and avoided stepping foot in the gym all weekend.
To which he replied
"No. You can't do that."
I told him I am a weak individual and I would have ended up in my classes had I went in the gym...we laughed, but I meant it.

He gave me this treadmill walking circuit to try.
I'll be tackling this one tonight.

Firestone just called me. My car needs 3 new tires and rear breaks in order to make it to Maryland this weekend.
That is not my idea of retail therapy.

When it rains, it pours.


  1. You got this. Bumps in the road make us stronger and can bring balance to our lives (which it sound slike you need - HA!) I know it never seems it right now....Trust me on that one...

    1. oh Molly, what would I do without your funny comments in my life

  2. J-E-T-S!! You are doing awesome. If you ever think you aren't, you can use your koozie, and drink until you KNOW you're awesome.

  3. I love doing retail therapy! My fiance doesn't get it but he wouldnt.. boys are so different haha sometimes us girls just need a new outfit or two (: Keep your head up!

  4. Aww! I hope you feel better. My boyfriend was in a car accident and has to go to therapy and he hates the massages too (I think they sound nice, LOL) And have fun at FitBloggin! I'm down in Annapolis, MD so if you have free time make sure to check out the sites in Baltimore and the surrounding area including some crabs!

  5. Keep on keeping on, girl! Glad you're doing a bit better today. By the way, that dinner sounds yummy! Love a runny egg!