Monday, September 10, 2012

The Survival Race-My first mud run

I had every intention of posting this recap yesterday but Sunday Funday kind of got in the way.

Before I dive into the details of Saturday's race, I need to say one thing:
If you EVER have the opportunity to do a mud run...DO IT.

The Survival Race

I woke up Saturday morning at 4:30 am. No, my alarm was not set for this neck was stiff and killing me from watching too many episodes of Revenge on my iPad.
...first world pains at its best...
So I figured I would get out of bed and put a heating pad on my neck in hopes of fixing it before our 9:30 start time. I was already going into this race with a torn meniscus...I didn't need anymore issues.

Pre-race fuel:
 Flat out, coconut pb, drizzle of honey, 1/2 banana and shredded coconut.
I ate this at 5 am and it held me through the event until we ate again at 1:30.

I ended up wearing the same tank I wore to the Color Run but jazzed it up with a mustache.
I figured the mustache would protect me during the race as well as give me an edge over the competition.
I was right

When we arrived to the camp where the event was held we were surrounded by goats (which I thought were cows..I need to wear my glasses more often) and pigs.
Just another day at the farm kids

I wish I was number 2004, my high school graduation year..oh well at least I got Eddies!

We picked up our race packets, after tons of confusion.
They worded the pick up lines incorrectly, causing chaos for the runners.

 Pre-race photo shoot!
Like the one sock? 
Becky didn't have any high/fun socks so we split the pair half and half...made up our own style.

The race itself was intense.
More running then obstacles.
Not only were we running through muddy waters, we were climbing over several "structures", under tarps and wires through the sand, through tunnels while others ran over us, etc.

It was the longest 3 miles of my life.
My knee was okay 85% of the time, but I walked...a lot. 
The hills were the hardest part of the race, I was winded most of the time and felt out of shape.
BUT we got through it and I cannot wait for the next one!

 These two, as always, kept me going.
Becky would run ahead check out the obstacle then let me know what I was in for, most of the time my response was UGH can I go around? Then I'd get there and kick the obstacles ass.

Lauren was killing me.
Every hill she would slide down on her booty, just so she could get "extra" dirty and avoid getting hurt.
Which happened anyway.
She ended up with a bruised knee and elbow. I rolled both ankles, we both survived.

After the race we rinsed off and had some celebratory beers while wearing our well deserved dog tags
 I am becoming addicted to "themed" 5ks.
We all are.
It's an expensive addiction but I am already trying to plan our next one


  1. Looks like a blast! My first mud run is this Saturday! Squeeee!

  2. That's awesome!! These runs are so addictive! I ran my first in June and have 2 more coming up soon!

  3. That looks like so much fun! I'm not a runner...but the mud run looks so fun I might have to give it a try anyway.

  4. great job! I love themed races! a pr doesn't matter its just fun! Glad to see you enjoyed it!

  5. I did a Warrior Dash last year and killer hills plus no traction through the mud made it pretty tough! Mostly, I was worried about being a klutz and falling off the big climbing wall or something. Way to go on your race and it's good that your knee held up and hopefully you didn't roll your ankles too hard- that's the worst!

  6. it is an expensive addiction but A GREAT COLORFUL MUDDY HEALTHY one :-)