Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spending time with my new BFF, Jillian Michaels

Ahh the middle of the work week we meet again.
Except today is technically my Friday because I am off to Maryland tomorrow for some Fitbloggin' action!

If you have been reading this blog for awhile you may have noticed I have a slight issue with becoming consumed/focused/obsessed with one thing for an extended period of time.
For example:
TV Marathons on Netflix/my iPad
Fitness Classes
 Book series

My newest obsession: Jillian Michaels podcasts. I have heard about these for awhile in the HLB world but never really understood the obsession behind hers or any podcast. Listening to someone talk for almost an hour? BORING.

However, I am a big JM fan [cannot wait for her return to Biggest Loser in January] so I downloaded a few episodes of "The Jillian Michaels Show"

I was instantly hooked. She is funny and informative, with a side of sass....kind of reminds me of myself.
[whoops sorry for the horn toot sound you just heard] I have spent this entire week talking about her and the things I have already learned, wishing I found these sooner. 
She always has tips/tricks for ways to improve all aspects of your life and this morning was about energy boosts. I compiled a few of those tidbits to share with you

Some of these may seem like common sense and some may be new to you. The one that stood out the most to me was avoiding negative conversations.
Spending X amount of time discussing all the stresses of life is mentally exhausting. I have experienced this myself both on and off of this blog over the past 2 weeks. I did not realize how much this was affecting my life until this morning. So, with that said...NO MORE NEGATIVE TALK HERE!

If you are interested in listening to the Jillian Michaels show, they are offered for free via iTunes.

Happy hump day :)


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