Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shot-O'Clock? Fitbloggin recap..sort of

Before reading the post below, please remember this is MY personal experience at the conference, no one else's.

So there was a little conference last weekend in Baltimore, Maryland.
You may have heard of it on here...or on one of the other 300 blogs you read.
It was called FitBloggin'

We spent our weekend working out:

 Crossfit with Reebok
 Jumpsport Fitness-Rebounding Class

and eating:
M&S Grill's Cobb Salad sans bleu cheese/bleu cheese dressing

There were amazing seminars about SEO, turning your blog into an article, Youtube,etc.

To be 100% honest, I only sat in on one session and that was Kelly Olexa's. 
Not that the other ones didn't interest me, but I was given the opportunity to attend the Natural Products Expo (east) on Friday thanks to my friend Jill Hanner and I missed the only speakers I planned on listening to.
Which was fine by me because I had a BLAST at the expo.

 Kayla Harrison, Olympic gold medalist in Judo. She asked if I wanted to hold the medal...I freaked out and said no, which I later regretted. We all know I am not getting a gold medal anytime soon.

Rohan Marley and I...he is a sweetheart, btw.

Oh and at night, I got wiiiild.
There was a lot of this:
 (This was taken on Thursday, by Saturday our bartender friend..who I called Jersey, still not sure why, had to open a new bottle)

I'm not sure if it was the lack of responsibility I knew I had or if I was just enjoying my time with people I rarely see/just met but I let my hair down...literally...all weekend.

Life is about balance. 
We've discussed that here several times.
I would stay out and party until 12-1am then get up at 7 and participate in the workouts.
Nothing like a good sweat session to kick the booze from your system.

Do I encourage raging three nights in a row?
Absolutely not.
Did I have the time of my life doing it?
You betcha.

All in all Fitbloggin' was a success. I learned more about myself then I did about my blog, which in the end is most important. 

If you want REAL recaps from the conference I suggest you  go here


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