Monday, September 17, 2012


I haven't stepped foot in the gym since Friday morning.
I'm having a hard time figuring out my "new" routine, let alone get into it.

I have PT tonight and at the top of the list of things to discuss is what can I do?
There has been too much "I can't" in my vocabulary as of late and it's making me crazy.

Fitbloggin' is this week and it couldn't come at a better time.
I'm feeling a bit lost right now, like my world has been turned upside down and I just cannot get out of my own head. 
 The gym is where I let out lifes frustrations, and right now I feel like I can't do that which is making things worse. 

Bear with me this week. 
Life is crazy.


  1. We all go through it. Just remember how incredible u are and how much we all love u. Taking time for yourself is very important, put yourself first. You will pull through this, just take it one day at a time. Love you!!!!!

  2. Hugs girl! Just remember how awesome you are! You can do this!

  3. You feelings completely make sense, we've all been there. You are not alone.

    I look forward to meeting you at FitBloggin.

  4. Feel better girly! I'm so sorry you're going through this tough time! <3

  5. I wish I was going!!! We need to get together soon!!!

  6. I feel the same way this week (PT for my back) especially about FitBloggin! Sorry about your knee, but I know you'll find a way through it! FitBloggin will be a great break, and I hope I get to meet you!

  7. Hugs! One day at a time!

    Enjoy your week at Fitbloggin'! :)

  8. So sorry. I am off running and on PT too and it is messing with my head a bit. If you ever need to vent I am hear.

  9. In gymastics whenever I was saying I can't - there was always my mom in the background saying - you are unable to at this time - there is no such things as can't. You are just unable at this time to some things - but you will be back at it!