Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Hi Ho The Clamio!

I've been a bad blogger this past weekend! Too many celebrations/busy days, for that I am semi-sorry.
I hope all of your long weekends were fantastic!

Let's catch up:

old picture

I woke up feeling much better then I did Saturday morning. I hit the gym for 30 min arms & abs class, followed by kickboxing.
However, my knee did not agree with all of the jumping/kicking/squatting so I left halfway through.

Leaving my favorite class put me in a little bit of a funk so I decided to do some therapy.
Retail therapy that is, and ended up with a cute pair of flats
Perfect for fall!
I also stopped into Bath & Body works to take advantage of the 2 for $20 sale on their candles...they are my favorite. I stocked up on "Leaves" which is, by far, the greatest candle ever created.
I buy 4 every year just to get me through the season.

After shopping I came home to ice my knee and mom approached me with a genius idea.
We were going to a family BBQ later in the day and she was on baked clam duty, but she wanted to 
"think outside the shell," and write funny sayings on each one.

We were laughing SO hard during this hour long process. 
Some of my favorites included:
Bride over clammy water
I want to hold your clam
Hi Ho the clamio
I've got 99 problems, but a clam ain't one

I highly recommend playing this game, or one like it..everyone at the party LOVED their secret messages.


At the gym I hit a new PR
40 lb deadlift!

I felt much better about my workout and was able to get through interval training [with minor modifications] no problem!
Except for one rude woman who was behind me the entire class, oof she was really making me mad but I was not letting her ruin my sweat session.

After the gym Eddie and I went to Bed Bath & Beyond then food shopping.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness month so the stores are packed with pink.
[When buying products that "support" breast cancer awareness, make sure you check websites like this to make sure your money is really going to the cause]

This Tervis was created for the Sigler company, which donates to breast cancer [yes I do my research] so I didn't think twice about picking it up!
Pink/Boxing gloves/Breast cancer awareness
It's a perfect match.

We spent most of the day lounging around and doing housework. I even took a nap, which is rare for me these days...guess I needed it.

Dinner was a family BBQ followed by this idea by my dad:
Grilled peaches.
My parents were really creative this weekend, I dig it.

We all topped our peaches differently, dad with ice cream and mom/me with chobani vanilla chocolate chunk yogurt--heaven.

After dessert Eddie was going through his clothes and was planning to donate a bunch of old shirts.
However, I stole a few of them and got a little creative
Thanks to Blogilates tutorial I made some new gym/hang out tanks :)

I ended my night shopping on Etsy, which has become a new addiction for me and stumbled across these
Is this real life?
I immediately bought them.


  1. You look great in the Orange Dress

  2. It sounds like you had a great weekend! I love the "think outside the clam" idea! I may have to use that for my next party. :)

    1. i kind of wish i thought of "think outside the shell" when we were coming up with the sayings, would have been a good one! I put it on Pinterest today hopefully the clams will takeover everyones parties!

  3. i love the clam sayings, hilarious! grilled fruit is a BBQ must! yum!

    1. Yeaaaa I need to grill more fruit, who cares if it is September!

  4. Seriously love the clam idea!!!! It's so fun! The new flats are adorbs, and u look totally fantastic in ur BBQ attire!!! Spa love!

    1. thank you! I actually put it on Pinterest today I think the world needs more clams with funny sayings!

  5. The clam idea is FANTASTIC. If I had read those I would be peeing my pants. Awkward. :) So glad it seems you had a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

    1. Are you kidding? We were CRACKING UP as we wrote them, HI HO THE CLAMIO?! come on now haha glad you liked it too

  6. So what did the rude girl do? When I took cardio kick back in the day I'd get annoyed by someone who'd take the side-to-side or front-to-back moves a bit too far, into someone else's working space, so that when it was time to move back I'd always run into her.

    1. she was actually a grown woman, and as soon as I walked in she told me I took her "spot" however I have been standing in the same place for almost 2 years so if anyone has a spot...it's me. Then she proceeded to be up my butt the entire class to the point of me having to move

  7. Sounds like you had a fun weekend!

  8. OMG I NEED those flats. I teach so I have to wear flats everyday because heels would kill and those are the cutest.

  9. oh and youre never a bad blogger if youre living not blogging about life :-)
    it gives you fodder!!