Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Buluboxes for EVERYONE!

Long time no see!
Life has been CA-RAZAYYYY ever since I left for FitBloggin, which I'll do a mini recap this week but I am sure you're reading too many of them at this point so I don't want to bore you with repeating information.

Instead I want to give you something.
Gifts are always more fun, right?

As you know I love BuluBox, and they're offering to give you your first month FREE if you use the code

Here is what I received in my September box:

That's it!

Edit:: (Thanks Kasey!) Here is the link for Bulu Box www.bulubox.com

I'll be back to my regular scheduled posting, tomorrow. Just trying to catch up on...life.



Jenna said...

The box looks awesome!!! I need to do that! Spa love! :0)

Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie said...

What an awesome box! Glad you had such a great time at FitBloggin!

Kasey Shuler said...

This is awesome! Is there any way you can put a link to Bulubox on this post too? Going to pin it now. Thanks!

Carlyn Giuriceo said...

just added it! Thank you!

KatSnF said...

Sounds like a super fun idea! SPA <3

Kierston said...

These sound so fun!

PavementRunner said...

Very cool.

Jenelle said...

awesome! I think I might give Bulubox a try after your review! Thanks

Charlotte (@Char__Latte) said...


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