Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wait..what day is it!?

This entire week I have been a day behind.

Exhibit A:

I posted this yesterday morning on Instagram, and it wasn't until a follower commented:
"I was about to give you major props for having your meals all set up and lined up the the day! Great job anyway." 

To which I replied:
"They are for today! I just tagged the wrong day!"

Talk about embarassing.

Then this morning I was chatting with my train buddy about how he should try a certain restaurant tomorrow because there are specials on Thursday.

He replied, " it IS Thursday."

What the heck is wrong with me?

I should be ecstatic that it is Thursday already, that means one more wake up at 5:45 am and then STAY-CATION 2012 will commence!

3 reasons I am messed up this week:
I took a rest day Monday instead of Tuesday
Power X was cancelled yesterday for this week
I am running tonight instead of Kickboxing, which I've done every Thursday for 2 years.

Every detail of my life is scheduled, and most of the time written down therefore having changes to my "routine" can really mess me up!
I fully blame my mom for this trait
love you Kerbo (or diva as my YouTube subbies know her)

Oh yes, I mentioned STAYCATION 2012, which I'm sure the burning question in all of your minds is"
What are your plans, oh great one?
Okay, maybe not that last part...a girl can dream

Truth is I have a lot planned.
Things I want to do & Things I have to do

-Make Peanut Butter Doughtzel Balls from StuftMama
-Make my own version of The Lean Green Bean's fro-yo bars
-Celebrate Becky finishing her classes..woot woot almost done
-Attend multiple gym classes I normally cannot due to scheduling
-Spend one day adventuring with Eddie, preferably Tuesday
-Try the coffee at the new cupcake shop in town that my cousin has raved about(specifically Banana Nut)

Have To(s):
-(2) Guest posts, stay tuned
-School work
-Test for school..EW EW EW!
-Physical (fact: I just had to re-write that word 5 times, I have issues today I swear)
-Haircut, thanks Groupon

Yea, not sure I am ready for that last one but I have a feeling my stay-ca is going to go a lot faster then I want it to.

Also I would like to apologize for lots of rambling, and under delivering on pictures in this post.
To make up for it here is a picture I found via Google search "cute puppy"
creative, I know.


  1. your gonna do GREAT at your 10k! you have been working so hard!

    1. I just love your belief in me.. make sure u send that my way August 19th at 8am k?

  2. omg! that puppy is so cute! you're hilarious; gotta love getting your days mixed up. i do it all the time! my sis always buys haircuts on groupon too! thats so funny. i hope you have a great day! SPA love!

    1. haha thank you! The Groupon idea is new to me, but I spend most days with my hair up and full of sweat so why spend $75 on that?

  3. You're out of it? I just read your post and when I saw "10K" I thought HOW IS SHE GOING TO MAKE 10 GRAND NEXT WEEK?! ... so you're not alone! :) Enjoy your stay cation

    1. THAT just made me laugh..then it made me depressed because I won't be making 10 grand next week instead i'll be panting my way through 6 miles haha xo

  4. How handsome is your "train buddy"? I bet he's a stud.

  5. I saw you on the train talking to Mike Parrinello this morning! So jealous!

  6. staycations are the best- I love just sleeping in and even getting errands done without stressing about keeping to a time table. and don't worry about missing days- I do it all the time!

  7. HA - my entire life is scripted!

  8. I feel you! It was a holiday on Monday in Canada so I'm messing up the days all over the place here. Enjoy your staycation!

  9. 1. I am totally distracted by that dog.
    2. I want to try all the food you are going to make.
    3. Kick some 5K butt girl, you've been working it.

  10. I'm glad i'm not the only one totally thrown off this week. I tweaked my half marathon training schedule so that my long runs are saturday instead of sunday. meaning my rest days have changed too.. it completely throws a girl off!

  11. Have fun on your staycation! I'm jealous - I really need one of those! Have a great time and good luck in your 10k.

  12. Glad I'm not the only one who writes down your whole life on paper, haha. My momma alwayss makes fun of me. I swear if someone found my notebook, it'd be so easy to murder me @ any pt of the day. I really need to work on changing it up a bit.

    Have a great stay-cation!! You will rock that 10k too btw girl :)