Thursday, August 16, 2012

The strongest man in the world

I am starting to understand why bloggers use guest posts while on vacation. Even though this is only staycation I am having a hard time to actually find time  to sit in front of the computer, a catch 22 at its best.

Wednesday Night

Workout Round 2
Power X was its usual difficult self.
As an added bonus it decided to start pouring right as class started.
I personally enjoy getting my butt kicked in the rain, it's more fun.
Yes, I am crazy.

Class ended a little later than usual so I had just under 45 minutes to shower and pretty myself for Wine Down Wednesday with the girls.

Again it decided to pour as I was pulling up to the bar and there just so happened to be no available parking spaces.
Three block walk in the rain?
I knew there was wine at the end of my trek...BRING IT ON MOTHER NATURE!

Note to self: Do not 2-a-days and skip dinner before heading out for wine.


I woke up at 6:15 this morning for absolutely no reason.
As soon as my mom woke up I hopped in her bed and passed right back out until 9.

By 9:30 I was hanging out with this guy.
{Finding Nemo anyone?}

The beach was beautiful, peaceful and quiet.
Mom and I {and both of our bum knees} decided to take advantage of it and walk 4 miles.

Not a bad way to start the day!

After the beach we popped home really quick to see these little guys

Somehow their bed ended up in the one sunny spot in the kitchen.
Guess we weren't the only ones that wanted sunkissed skin...fur...whatever covers your body

Mom and I hit up our favorite place to get caffeinated before mani/pedis

I went for the spa pedi...obviously.
That man had some seriously strong hands.
He used my calves as punching bags and was able to crack my hip, from a distance, while I was sitting.

The final result, Mint Breeze toes are happy toes.

After getting pampered I popped into one of my favorite shops in town

They were having a $5 sale!
However my feet were unimpressed with the selection so we left the same way we came in.
Empty handed.

I am currently inhaling a turkey sandwich then it is back on the road for me.
Dropping my mom to the airport then kickboxing for workout #2 and country night.

I don't want STAYCATION 2012 to end.