Thursday, August 23, 2012

Snackity Snack

This morning as I was haphazardly throwing things into my lunch box
...I didn't prep my food last night, I had a date with the PLL girls-They are taking over my life...
I discovered I was out of yogurt/granola/hummus..basically all of my snacks.

I had 3 minutes before I needed to leave for the train and still needed to make my coffee, brush my teeth, feed Chance (little fatty can never wait for food) and come up with a healthy snack.

My AM cardio comes in the form of rushing around for 15 minutes getting my act together. 
Slamming cabinets, grabbing food containers and reaching for things on high shelves is my AM strength training.
Stick with me kids, I'll get you in shape in no time.

Back to the point.
I threw 4 ingredients together for a healthy, on the go-protein snack

1/4 cup raw almonds
1/8 cup(each) raisins, vegan carob chips & chopped walnuts

Perfect snack to hold me over until lunch. To be honest it may be too much and I'll have it for both my mid-morning and afternoon snack.

In other news, I cannot stop reading Gone Girl. Apparently murder mysteries are my "thing" right now between Pretty Little Liars and the book I am having some crazy dreams.

This morning I was leaving the house and noticed my moms beach hat was on top of her car.
Which launched my brain into: Who, What, When, Why?
Clearly I need to spend some down time doing something else before I turn into Harriet the Spy.


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