Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday-Shopping & Seasons 52

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Saturday started off with one of my favorite group fitness classes, interval training.
I am currently dealing with some knee issues/pain that started three days ago out of nowhere so I was having trouble with some of the moves which was frustrating.

After the gym mom and I were off to shop.
I needed new "under garments" as she puts it, but for those of us born after 1900, I needed bras.

Can we just talk about how awkward getting fitted for a bra is?
The woman who helped me was 100% professional, but I was as fidgety as ever.

Thankfully she gave me good news, I lost 2 inches in my back bringing me to 6 inches total since starting my weight loss journey.

I popped into Urban Outfitters in hopes of finding a new shirt for Eddie or something cute for me.
Unfortunately I only found something for myself:

and these are on my wish list for fall

According to scientific research, shopping makes you hungry.

Originally mom and I planned on going somewhere else for lunch, but when we passed Seasons 52 (somewhere I have been dying to try) I asked if we could change our plans and go.
Mom (who went years ago on a ladies trip to FL) didn't think even think twice about saying yes.

What is Seasons 52?
A chain restaurant that focuses only on seasonal ingredients. 
They do not cook with butter or heavy oils.
Every item on the menu is under 475 calories.


Me drinking a strawberry coconut skinny martini, at 2pm.

We split a plum tomato flat bread for an appetizer

My lunch was the chipotle chicken skewers with a mixed green salad and a side of guacamole (selling point on the dish,obvs) and corn salsa

Moms lunch was the Mediterranean shrimp salad.

Dessert is never something I order when eating in a restaurant. But the waiter said blueberry cheesecake and it was only 150 calories so I figured it would be some sort of party foul NOT to get it.

Mom got the peanut butter chocolate mousse.
Both were amazing.

These are the symbols of a great lunch, topping off a perfect afternoon spent with mom.

How was your Saturday?


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