Monday, August 27, 2012

Salad Accessories

Is it really lunchtime already?
I swear time really DOES fly some days.

Yesterday I stocked up on lots of salad "accessories"(toppings) to get me through the work week.

The biggest tip for healthy eating/living is making sure you never get bored with meals. 
Variety is key!

In the bowl:
*grilled chicken that was marinated in Italian dressing
*sunflower seeds
*sugar snap peas
*cherry tomatoes

On top:
This dressing is fantabulous, I found it during a Whole Foods trip on Saturday and even though we have several dressings in our fridge at the moment this one will be getting lots of use.

Knee Update:

I mentioned this morning I was going to the Orthopedic to talk to them about my current knee pain/issues.

Thankfully Lauren works at the office I went to because all of the doctors understood the workouts I do on regular basis before I even explained the issue I was having.

They did X-rays which came back normal so I am being sent for an MRI which is next Tuesday night. The PA thinks it may be a meniscus tear which would require surgery.
I highly doubt that is the situation. I am not in that much pain but I guess you never know?

In the meantime he told me to rest it when I can and take advil/ice it. I plan on sticking to my regular workouts, modifying moves as needed.

Speaking of workouts, it's time for Elevated Training!


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