Monday, August 6, 2012

No excuses SWEAT like a champion

I sure did sweat a lot this past week, and that is not just counting my workouts.
This heat is a killer!

But you're all here to see what I did to stay psychically active, so lets get down to business

Last week:

I did not run much last week outside of Monday. The weather has been brutal and I have issues with running on the dreadmill.
Friday was by far my best workout day. 
I was off and spent over 2 hours in the gym. I was sore for most of the weekend which, as always, felt great.

I am working on getting over my fear of using the weight machines in the gym and plan to add 2 lifting days into my schedule once I find the time.

This weeks plan is much more open

I would like to run at least 15 miles this week.
I don't have Power X on Wednesday and I am not sure if I have Kickboxing yet so I am playing Thursday by ear.
Tuesday I am going to use either NTC for my weight workout OR a circuit, if you have/know of any good ones please send them my way!

The Dirty Sock 10k is a week from this Sunday and I am feeling less then ready. However, I decided that if it is raining OR we have the extreme humidity like we have been having I am going to skip the race.

Did any of you complete the challenge I gave you last week?
If you didn't I expect you to do it TWICE this week!

If you were a good sweaty and tried the move here is a new one for you to try this week:

In fact you should try my newest circuit which uses this move:



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