Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mental games: My body VS My brain

On the train ride home last night I decided to skip my planned workout.
In this weeks workout plan I scheduled NTC for Tuesday.
However, my body was tired from a combination of fighting a cold (my body is winning!) and getting back into the swing of things after STAYCATION 2012.

I decided black bean soup from Panera in a bread bowl while watching Pretty Little Liars(<--latest obsession) was better than sweating.

It wasn't until I realized I had eaten the bread bowl {I've never done that before} that I said to myself ::outloud:: "Get off your lazy booty and watch this show while working out."

Me, my PLL gals and the treadmill had an "okay" time together.
My knee still does not want to run{lazy knee} so I alternated running and wogging.
Definition of Wogging- Walk/Jogging, it's it.

In the end I did 2.3 miles in 32 minutes.
Not great, especially when that is my current 5k time.

 (how awesome is that blurry picture? Yea I hate my Otterbox)

Regardless of any pain/problems I felt better about myself. 
I worked out even though I didn't want too.
My body BEAT my brain.

It's crazy how easily we can talk ourselves out of working out, but talking ourselves into it is a constant battle.
Lets change that?

Today I will be picking up a knee brace and trying it out in hopes it does something for my current pain issue.
I miss running.
{Still cannot believe I say things like that}

  • Has your body ever beat your brain?
  • What do you do to pass the time on a "dreadmill"?


  1. I go through the body and brain interval during my twice-weekly interval runs! Haha. I never look forward to them - but I try to talk myself into enjoying them (or at least enjoying the benefits)!

  2. Great job for motivating yourself to get in a quick & efficient workout :)

    I love reading magazines. It seriously makes the time go by uber fast!

  3. Great job putting in the effort even if it wasn't the workout of the century! The effort and drive is all that matters! I love paneras black bean soup! It's probably my fave thing to get there! I always have to watch tv when on the treadmill or I go nuts! Have a wonderful weds!

  4. Great job on the workouts! The mental side is sometimes much tougher then the physical part of a workout.

  5. I had the body vs. brain dilemma all day yesterday! My body won, but it needed a rest day. Good job on getting in a workout!

  6. I always beat myself in general and have just recently in the last year learned to shut it up. I may look like a tard doing some things - but at least I am doing them I say! I did buy some nail polish this weekend and thought of you!

  7. Good for you! My body won today...I was up all night with a sick child and although that's not a great excuse, it won today. But tomorrow is another day!