Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Finding my "happy pace"

Well kids I think I've done it.
I have found my pace.

 I ran 4.02 miles in 46:52.

Is this stellar?
Am I happy with it? 

The best part of this run was

The weather was perfect.
I had no stitches in my sides.
I focused on my breathing and pacing the entire time.
It all just came together for me.
Pitbull blasting in my ears didn't hurt either. 

I am glad I have chosen to do all of my training outdoors. Not only do I find that running on a "dreadmill" boring, it teaches you nothing about pace.

The treadmill paces you.
Running outdoors you learn to pace yourself.

That is an important lesson to learn, especially as a beginner.

I am really looking forward to the cooler, fall weather.
I see a lot of runs in my future.

I'm sorry, am I reading my own words correctly?
I am looking forward to more runs?

Just like Jerry Springer, I would like to share a "Final Thought" with all of you.
-I LOVE the Nike+ running app.
-You do not need a Nike+ adapter, it tracks your runs via GPS.
-It keeps track of your paces, distances, calories, etc.
Go download it, if you don't have it already.

Okay that wasn't so much a "thought" as it was a friendly suggestion...that you better follow.
Same difference, right?


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