Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling FALL-y

I thought waking up this morning was going to be easy knowing that it was Friday AND my last day of work for a week.
I was wrong, it was just as difficult as the other 4 days this week.

Finally I stumbled my way to the bathroom to shower and was greeted by this sight

Poor little moo man slept in the bathroom.
When I asked him why he just looked at me and went back to sleep.

I am fully aware it is only August 10th, BUT football came back last night AND I have heard several of my favorite bars have pumpkin beer on tap (just in time for my staycation) so I knew this combination for breakfast was acceptable.

It was glorious.
I was ready to take on my day.

 My subconscious is very ready for fall as I opted for jeans as part of my outfit for today.
I haven't worn jeans in almost 2 months, so this was pretty random.
Then this happened:


The Jets are playing their first pre-season game tonight at 7:30 which has me pretty excited.
Time to bust out the gang green gear:
First pre-season game of LAST year

January 2012

I love beer towers and football
MAYBE I will treat myself to this:

The NFL line at Victoria's Secret also came out this week, I have my eye on these pieces:

I long for football season as soon as the Superbowl is over, anyone else have this problem?
No other sport excites me the way this one does.

{Mostly}Hot men in spandex running around beating each other up?
I'm into it.

What is your favorite team?


  1. I love fall and football season! Yay for both! (:

  2. Between the pumpkin spice waffles & finding $5.00, i'd say you are having the most perfect morning!!

    Have and will always love Green Bay!!!... oh and when it comes to college, penn state and auburun :)

    We are the exact same way when it comes to football girl. I seriously get sad when it ends. Now it's even worse since we are over here in Kuwait. The time difference is going to kill us, meaning we won't be having our usual saturdays and sundays of straight fooball, beer drink & chips and salsa days :( booo!!

  3. HELLO GO PACK GO! We're also a green house, but we cheer for Green and Gold. Packers all the way! And our dog is named Lambeau. Boom.

  4. PUMPKIN SPICE EGGOS!?!!? are you seriously kidding!? ive never seen or heard of those!!! omg. i am going to need me some of those ASAP!! pumpkin anything is my fave, and who doesnt love waffles!! oh, and my fave team is the steelers, because of course, i live in pittsburgh and it justhas to be! ;o) SPA LOVE TO YA!

  5. Fall is my FAVORITE season! I have been waiting for it since spring started to come around! I can't wait for it to be here! My husband and I watch a lot more college football and went to school at Oregon State - so we root for the Beavers... and most of the 9now) Pac12 schools!

  6. Fall is my fave season! I am sad to see summer end, especially since the fall means the end of baseball. But thanks to my hubby, I've been turned on to football. And he's a HUGE JETS fan. So, I in turn, am a fan. I saw the pumpkin eggos and was meaning to try them. Glad to hear that they're tasty! And yay for pumpkin beers! I love that Finley's serves them rimmed with cinnamon. Have a happy staycation!! By the way, you can find the choc chunk chobani at the Shoprite in Bay Shore (I saw your tweet).

  7. ummmm Pumpkin Eggos?!!! hello! Yum. And YEAH for football!!!! So Freakin excited. Have you seen the Touch By AM stuff. She has some cute stuff too. I am also a football freak!

  8. I love that weekend mid way half way through fall when summer comes back for a quick encore and you get the combination of clear air, no allergies and enough sunshine to head to the beach. And then a few weeks later, it's all about the crisp frosts, and the promise of snow. Best time of year for running!

  9. Anything pumpkin is the best...I could have it year round, but there's something about having it in the Fall that makes it truly a treat.

  10. I my goodness....I want that same PINK outfit....soul sister. The only thing that sucks is that up here I have no clue how football games will be played...I don't know if a 7:30 game will play at 3:30 here or 4:30 but no matter what I WILL FIGURE IT OUT. I have to see these games....I have to....Alaska will not eff this up for me..... You need to email me your addres!!

  11. pumpkin eggo waffles??? I had no idea they made them hahaa. Yum!!! must buy. And my team is the steelers since that is my boyfriends team's haha:)

  12. Love pumpkin spice eggos and LOVE the Jets! Yep I'm read for Fall alright! :)

  13. I typically root for players that I like, fantasy football helps that out as well... but i gotta go with the hometown love: 49ERS!!!!!!!!!

  14. I love fall and football too! Bring on the pumpkin spice lattes and college and NFL games!