Friday, August 10, 2012

Feeling FALL-y

I thought waking up this morning was going to be easy knowing that it was Friday AND my last day of work for a week.
I was wrong, it was just as difficult as the other 4 days this week.

Finally I stumbled my way to the bathroom to shower and was greeted by this sight

Poor little moo man slept in the bathroom.
When I asked him why he just looked at me and went back to sleep.

I am fully aware it is only August 10th, BUT football came back last night AND I have heard several of my favorite bars have pumpkin beer on tap (just in time for my staycation) so I knew this combination for breakfast was acceptable.

It was glorious.
I was ready to take on my day.

 My subconscious is very ready for fall as I opted for jeans as part of my outfit for today.
I haven't worn jeans in almost 2 months, so this was pretty random.
Then this happened:


The Jets are playing their first pre-season game tonight at 7:30 which has me pretty excited.
Time to bust out the gang green gear:
First pre-season game of LAST year

January 2012

I love beer towers and football
MAYBE I will treat myself to this:

The NFL line at Victoria's Secret also came out this week, I have my eye on these pieces:

I long for football season as soon as the Superbowl is over, anyone else have this problem?
No other sport excites me the way this one does.

{Mostly}Hot men in spandex running around beating each other up?
I'm into it.

What is your favorite team?


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