Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bistro Inspired Lunch

Last we spoke I was off to the gym for the elevated training class.
I have mentioned before that I imagine this is similar to Body Pump classes many other gyms offer.

 I usually use 6 risers, 3 on each side but I decided to literally take it down a notch due to my knee and use only 4.
I increased my body bar weight and used the 18 pounder, and 5 & 8lb dumbbells (standard for me).

We had a sub last night and she was awesome, I felt the burn even with my own modifications and left super sweaty.

However, when I came home Eddie was working out in the basement so I suggested working out together.
We ended up doing 60 minutes of kickboxing drills and jump rope circuits.

My Tone It Up tank held up through a sweaty 2 hour workout.
This picture was taken before hand...I was a mess afterward, I promise.

After my shower I decided to try out one of my newest nail polish purchases and thought I would share it with all of you #girlygirls out there.

The color is part of Maybelline's Fall/Mercedes Benz fashion week line, "Metal Icon"

Today I am back at work, my sinus infection is a little better thanks to meds and my knee is sore. Thankfully I spend 8 hours sitting in a chair.
Now you all realize why I workout as much as I do, sitting here just makes me feel fat and frumpy.
I need to #MOVE!

For lunch today I got a little creative:
I call this my "bistro inspired" sandwich.
*100 calorie sandwich thin, multigrain
*Laughing Cow wedge
*Boar's Head chicken
*Green apple

I was thinking of a brie and green apple panini, so this is the next best thing to enjoy here in my cubicle.

Now that I am all caught up on Pretty Little Liars {SUMMER FINALE IS TONIGHT!} do you have any Netflix TV suggestions?

I guess I could always read Gone Girl while I eat.
I am halfway through and it is intense!

Questions of the day:
-What is your favorite bring-to-work lunch?
-What is your all time favorite TV show?

Mine is probably Full House. I just love it.


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