Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bistro Inspired Lunch

Last we spoke I was off to the gym for the elevated training class.
I have mentioned before that I imagine this is similar to Body Pump classes many other gyms offer.

 I usually use 6 risers, 3 on each side but I decided to literally take it down a notch due to my knee and use only 4.
I increased my body bar weight and used the 18 pounder, and 5 & 8lb dumbbells (standard for me).

We had a sub last night and she was awesome, I felt the burn even with my own modifications and left super sweaty.

However, when I came home Eddie was working out in the basement so I suggested working out together.
We ended up doing 60 minutes of kickboxing drills and jump rope circuits.

My Tone It Up tank held up through a sweaty 2 hour workout.
This picture was taken before hand...I was a mess afterward, I promise.

After my shower I decided to try out one of my newest nail polish purchases and thought I would share it with all of you #girlygirls out there.

The color is part of Maybelline's Fall/Mercedes Benz fashion week line, "Metal Icon"

Today I am back at work, my sinus infection is a little better thanks to meds and my knee is sore. Thankfully I spend 8 hours sitting in a chair.
Now you all realize why I workout as much as I do, sitting here just makes me feel fat and frumpy.
I need to #MOVE!

For lunch today I got a little creative:
I call this my "bistro inspired" sandwich.
*100 calorie sandwich thin, multigrain
*Laughing Cow wedge
*Boar's Head chicken
*Green apple

I was thinking of a brie and green apple panini, so this is the next best thing to enjoy here in my cubicle.

Now that I am all caught up on Pretty Little Liars {SUMMER FINALE IS TONIGHT!} do you have any Netflix TV suggestions?

I guess I could always read Gone Girl while I eat.
I am halfway through and it is intense!

Questions of the day:
-What is your favorite bring-to-work lunch?
-What is your all time favorite TV show?

Mine is probably Full House. I just love it.


  1. I'm not familiar with body pump, but I've heard a lot about it. What is it?

  2. "Gone Girl" is on my to-read list! I totally loved that sandwich when I saw you post it on Instagram. Adding something unique like an apple to a turkey sammie really does wonders to jazz it up! Good job on using less risers and listening to your knee/what your bod is tellin you!

  3. My boyfriend's mom just mailed me Gone Girl so I can't wait to read it! As far as lunches go, I usually pack a salad with some protein but I'm definitely looking for more inspiration, I like your apple and chicken sandwich! What do you bring for lunch to spice things up?

  4. Wow! You look great! It must be those extra kickboxing classes... I did one today and I am SORE. My all-time favorite TV show would be Saved By the Bell. And Supernatural, even though it's still on tv. I'm trying to figure out what to watch, too, especially since the fall shows are coming on so late in the year.