Monday, August 20, 2012

Back to life, back to reality....

Just like that STAYCATION 2012 is over.
Andddd I am back to work.

I woke up today thinking 2 things:
1. Can I go back to sleep?
2. Why is my throat on fire?

Leave it to me to get sick after being off for an entire week.
Such is life.

Come to think of it my doctor did say during my physical last week she saw a post-nasal drip (sorry, TMI) happening and now I wonder why she didn't just give me meds right then and there?

However, I am happy to be back to my "blogging schedule." I was having trouble making time the past few days to sit down and write.

In case you missed this weekends vlogs here they are!


I really wish I was sitting on the porch with these guys right now reading Gone Girl and sipping on coffee.

Yesterday while Eddie and I were running errands I came these delicious kale chips at Home Goods:

The entire bag was 2 servings for a total of 90 calories (don't quote me) and you bet your bottom dollar I ate it all in the car...before we made it home.

I also picked up the Hunger Games on blu-ray, cannot wait to watch it again.
I wasn't a huge fan of the movie-books are always better- but I liked it enough to purchase.
Fun Fact: I collect DVDs the same way I collect nail polish.
I will be on Hoarders season 127, so stay tuned for that

I spent a few hours prepping meals for Sunday-Wednesday.
NEW RECIPE: Buffalo Chicken Quinoa & Cheese
looks gross, tastes great.

How to make this awesomeness that serves 8
 1 1/4 cup quinoa (uncooked)
3 cups cooked and shredded, or cubed, whatever you prefer, chicken breast
1/4 cup buffalo wing sauce
1 1/2 cups shredded cheddar 
2 cups original, unsweetened almond milk
2T flour of your choice (I used whole wheat)
1 wedge Laughing Cow cheese(optional)

-Preheat oven to 350
-Cook quinoa and set aside to cool
-In a small sauce pan combine almond milk and flour
-Slowly add shredded cheese, stirring every few minutes
- In another bowl combine buffalo sauce and chicken...mix well.
-Once the cheese sauce has been born add chicken mix and quinoa to the sauce pan and stir
-Toss all ingredients into a greased (pammed) baking dish
-Bake for 15 minutes
 -Cut into 8 pieces
-Add a laughing cow wedge into your portion for extra creaminess and enjoy!

Simple and amazing, just how I like it.

I also made 3 batches of Chobani vanilla chocolate chunk protein waffles
This morning I topped them with PB2 "syrup"
Perfect cubicle breakfast if you ask me!
Even better if you enjoy it on your porch with coffee and dogs...oh man I miss STAYCATION

Time to catch up on some work, I'll be back later with this weeks workout plan!


  1. HAHA! This would probably be the only way I'd ever get my husband to eat Quinoa!

  2. That recipe sounds mouthwatering. And I have to agree, my boyfriend would probably only eat quinoa that way. :)

    I STILL haven't seen the Hunger Games movie. I'm way behind on life.

  3. PB2! Mmm Mmm!

    Back to life, back to reality...old school! Love it :)