Monday, July 23, 2012

Workout Schedule VS Actual Workouts

Work- full time
School- part time
Blog- all the time
Workout- 5-6x a week
Fiance/Family/Dogs/Friends/Social life- sometime in between
Chores- sorry Eddie, no time for that ;)

I am a busy girl.
Sometimes I don't make my workouts because I am tired.
There are days I don't realize why I am so tired and I beat myself up over skipped workouts.

I am starting something new for myself.
Planning my workouts and writing them down.
Comparing my estimated workouts to what actually happens.
There is no rhyme or reason to this other than I like having lists, crossing things off, adding things, and writing with colorful markers.

Because I like posting every little thing I do on here, I thought it would be fun to share with all of you.
I also want to encourage all of you to try it.
 So this was last weeks estimates VS actual. 

I worked out 5 days instead of the scheduled 6, but only missed my estimated total time by an hour.
I'd say I owned the week in workouts.

This weeks scheduled workouts.
I will share what actually happened next Monday, along with the plan for that week.

Monday is always a rest day for me, UNLESS I have something one of the other days that week then I will adjust accordingly.

If I miss a workout, the world will not end...

If this is something you would like me to share on a consistent basis please let me know, I will work on making it more "official" looking. 
Because on JKS we're all about professionalism.

Anyway give me some feedback, some ideas, some desires.
Or simply don't leave a comment.

Either way, it's all good!


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