Monday, July 16, 2012

A weekend full of delicious eats

Apparently all I did this weekend was eat.

Saturday afternoon 
I reconnected with two old friends of mine,
Whole Foods and Trader Joe's.
It was nice to hang out and catch up.

Then I went to a local vegetarian restaurant for girls night, I haven't been there in over two years and was so excited to see what was on the menu!
New necklace from Forever 21, I am obsessed.

First thing that caught my eye was honey baked brie with garlic toast.
Before the waitress even took our drink order I made sure I put in an order for it.

I was bad and only ate waffles with peanut butter earlier in the day, post run and NOTHING else, so by 8 pm I was starving. I swear I forget to eat most weekends.
I have issues.

I was completely unaware that they bring you a complimentary appetizer.
But I ate both, my stomach was thrilled.

The menu options were endless, I have NEVER gone to a restaurant and wanted to eat so many things they offered.
I settled (after much back and forth) on the roasted asparagus salad with grilled green beans, feta, cherry tomatoes and red wine vinaigrette

Then I acted like the true grandma I am, and went to bed by 10:30.
On a Saturday night.


Woke up and kickboxed my heart out.
I said to Becky at one point, I am SO glad I am not hungover for this today because it was tough.

Lauren and I went right to Costco after the gym so I made sure I brought my egg protein powder and blender bottle to refuel. However, I forgot to take a picture

I spent most of the day prepping food for the week, and it felt good.

The brussels seemed to take forever. 
I steamed, halved, seasoned and baked them.
Post oven I topped them with some nutritional yeast...epic.

For dinner I wanted to try my new tofu find.

So I made a protein packed Italian meal for mom and I.

It was better than either of us  could have imagined.

I am currently debating walking the 12 blocks in the obscene NYC heat to buy more at Whole Foods today.

Such a daredevil.

By the way, if you didn't see my post from Saturday morning, I discussed day 2 of 10k training and announced the blog birthday giveaway winners!


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