Friday, July 20, 2012

Two-a-days and Surprises in the mail!

Yesterday was the first time in a long time I worked out in the morning and at night.

I wore my new "I'm sweaty and I know it" tank to Kickboxing, and it was quite a hit.
The tank is so light and even though I sweat right through it (I sweat through all of my clothes when I workout, go hard or go home) but it didn't stick to me or feel heavy which was nice.

I came home to TWO packages in the mail.

( I am considering getting a PO Box today when I go to the post office, would anyone send me letters? let me know!)

One was a gift from Premier Protein, which I cannot wait to try today after my workout.
My dad was actually excited about this, which is funny because he isn't a protein bar/shake person...maybe these will be the trick to change that?

My new coral (iPhone didn't pick up the color...damn cellphone lens) Just Keep Sweating tank came in! I am so excited, it is the exact same tank as the sweaty and I know it, so I know I will love it!

Speaking of new tank tops, Viewsport has teamed up with FitFluential and created new tanks/t-shirts!

When you sweat, the #PROOF will show throw the back.
They are available for pre-order and shop out August 22nd, I already ordered mine 
shopping problem
 Have you ordered yours!?

Also you can become a part of FitFluential even if you aren't a blogger:

I am off today so it is time for Bollywood Sweat then Eddie and I are going to the running store to get fit for new sneakers. 
I have never done this before so I am excited to share it with all of you later today AND I have a giveaway, so make sure you check in again later!



  1. I am so in love with the FitFluential shirt. I definitely think many women are self-concious about their sweat being visible on their clothing at the gym, but having PROOF appear when you do is such a positive message.

  2. Love those tanks! I'm so excited for the fitfluential tanks too! I sweat like a dude so I will have no problem showing my #proof!

  3. Exciting when you get packages in the mail :) Love that Proof tank!

  4. Don't you just love getting packages in the mail? I've had several this week and it feels like my birthday or something. Love it! Here's to more packages and a great weekend ahead.

  5. Way to go - working out twice a day! I'm trying to do that as well.

    Those tank tops are awesome! I love that the proof is in the tank!

  6. Love getting presents in the mail! Your new shirt looks really light (weight, not color). Perfect for working out.

  7. I got goodies from Premier Protein yesterday too! And I LOVE the sweaty tanks...where did those come from? And the FitFluential one is pretty awesome too!!!