Friday, July 20, 2012

Two-a-days and Surprises in the mail!

Yesterday was the first time in a long time I worked out in the morning and at night.

I wore my new "I'm sweaty and I know it" tank to Kickboxing, and it was quite a hit.
The tank is so light and even though I sweat right through it (I sweat through all of my clothes when I workout, go hard or go home) but it didn't stick to me or feel heavy which was nice.

I came home to TWO packages in the mail.

( I am considering getting a PO Box today when I go to the post office, would anyone send me letters? let me know!)

One was a gift from Premier Protein, which I cannot wait to try today after my workout.
My dad was actually excited about this, which is funny because he isn't a protein bar/shake person...maybe these will be the trick to change that?

My new coral (iPhone didn't pick up the color...damn cellphone lens) Just Keep Sweating tank came in! I am so excited, it is the exact same tank as the sweaty and I know it, so I know I will love it!

Speaking of new tank tops, Viewsport has teamed up with FitFluential and created new tanks/t-shirts!

When you sweat, the #PROOF will show throw the back.
They are available for pre-order and shop out August 22nd, I already ordered mine 
shopping problem
 Have you ordered yours!?

Also you can become a part of FitFluential even if you aren't a blogger:

I am off today so it is time for Bollywood Sweat then Eddie and I are going to the running store to get fit for new sneakers. 
I have never done this before so I am excited to share it with all of you later today AND I have a giveaway, so make sure you check in again later!



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