Thursday, July 19, 2012

Thunderstorms & Heartbreakers

Last night most of the east coast was hit with intense thunderstorms.
They started while I was at work around 4 pm and the rain came down so hard we couldn't see out of our windows, lightening was striking the ground and the thunder was so loud you'd think it was trying to compete with the bass in a house music song.

Max aka Moo Man does NOT approve of storms ruining mommys workout

Normally I'm all for a good storm, however yesterday was Power X day.
I hate when the weather ruins my favorite workout of the week.

I came home threw on some pjs and decided that having a Glee Project marathon in bed was how I wanted to spend my night.
Halfway through the first episode my dad let me know there was a rainbow outside, since I've never seen one before I jumped out of bed and took a million pictures.
I was being sarcastic, if you didn't realize that already

I decided to set my alarm for a 5 am workout.
I have made this decision 5 times over the past 2 weeks, and then bailed when the alarm went off.

Post workout

However, this morning I channeled my inner Cindy Lou Who and it worked.
 There is something about working out in the morning--in your home-- in only a sports bra and pants that makes it more enjoyable.

This morning I did the NTC "heartbreaker" strength training workout.
 I figured I'd stick with the "heart" theme this week, totally unplanned but I dig it.

I noticed these little guys in the shower and decided to give them a try.
They smell amazing!

This day is off to a great start...lets keep it that way.

See you tonight after kickboxing


  1. D*MN
    youre on fire.
    Im off on fire too.

    I mean PLAYout time :) off to grab the child.

  2. Way to go, girl! I love my morning workouts. It's truly "Me Time" in max form. You're doing it for you. Way to go!

  3. 1) Cutest puppy pic ever
    2) I can't believe you'd never seen a rainbow!
    3) GO GIRL on your 5am workout!

    1. thank you!! Oh I was kidding about the rainbow, I wrote that under the pic ;P

  4. love the rainbow pic!
    and love 5 a.m workouts!!!!

  5. Awe, Max is too cute! Our dog is no fan of thunderstorms either. You'd think she was being attacked. She gets soo scared!

    Great job for knocking out your workout this morning girl. My workout turned into an unplanned rest day. lol

  6. great job getting up early! that's SO hard for me!

  7. I second that... nothing more empowering than getting up early to sweat!

  8. If the pup is keeping it inside, then you have to as well. That is like a rule or something. Ang Glee Project Marathon — I WATCH TOO! You have to let me know when you are current, then we can chat.

    I'll also admit that I sometimes use wifey's soap/shampoo because it smells so much better than my manly stuff. LOL.

    1. so happy to have a GP friend to tweet chat with

  9. Love the rainbow picture! And working out in the morning is my favorite...starts your day off right!

  10. YOU HAD NEVER SEEN A RAINBOW BEFORE?! I dont even understand that sentence haha.

    1. i said i was being sarcasticcccc come on charrrrrr ;)

  11. I love thunderstorms, but not when they damage things or ruin my workouts!

    That pup is SO stinkin' cute!