Saturday, July 28, 2012

Strawberry Smiles & Giveaway WINNER!

Right after I left you this morning I was a busy little bee.
I had extra time to sit and actually enjoy my breakfast, so I had some fun with it.

2 whole wheat waffles topped with coconut peanut butter, flax seed, shredded unsweetened coconut and drizzle-o-honey.
Served with a strawberry smile.

My belly was so happy after this meal.
I texted Gurgles and Jaques with an idea for our workout for the day.
Becky has a TRX so I knew I wanted to incorporate that into the workout and she mentioned last night that she wanted to do Jump & Drill moves.

The three of us met up at the tennis courts and came up with a boot camp style plan.

(click to enlarge)

Not only did we have a great workout, but we had fun doing it.
The boot camp took us about 50 minutes so we ended with 10 minutes of abs.

By now everyone in the entire world knows my love of GNC's egg protein powder, it's all I tweet about.
Can you imagine how much I actually TALK about it?

I talk about it so much that both Becky and Lauren decided to pick some up after our workout.
Which made me a happy sweaty!

I still have some left so I made myself a shake post workout, before heading to the post office to mail a very special( and long overdue) package to my best friend 

come home soon, please?

AND I finally got a PO box!
I never thought it would be something that people would ask me for but it has come up a lot lately so I figured why not.

There it is for all of you who have asked :)

I spent most of my day cleaning, putting away know the Cinderella life?
The Asics went BACK to the store and I also stocked up on some goodies for the week.

 Now it's time to announce the winner of the Blender Bottle giveaway.
I LOVED every single one of your pictures SO much.
sweaty pic = rockstar in my world.

In fact, all of you are on the "my sweaties" section so hop on over and check yourselves out after you finish reading

Okay, okay I am really prolonging this now.
The winner is:

 I'm not sure how you made a sweatheart, but you knew the way into my heart with this picture.
Please email me your address so we can have your sportmixer sent to you RIGHT away!

For those of you who didn't win, I have ANOTHER giveaway coming this week.
*stay tuned*

For now, I have a date with Bill Compton and Eric Northman.
Don't tell Eddie.


  1. I love you so much best friend and thanks for posting beat friend pics :) miss you!

  2. What a cute breakfast! Looks healthy and delicious too!

  3. Ha ha, that pic is funny!
    Sounds like you had quite the day, love some of your food choices, mmmmm strawberries! :)

  4. Ha Ha, by your breakfast picture I think it's safe to say you have plenty of time on your hands :) It's too adorable though.

    Love you and your best friends picture. I know how hard it is to miss and be w/o such an important person in your life. Stay strong & smile <3

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